Monday, June 29, 2020

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TikTok Adds Entire Prince Catalog, Special Programming

Short-form social video platform TikTok is making the entire catalog available to its content creators.

The licensing deal allows TikTok users to create videos using hits like “Purple Rain,” “Controversy”, “1999” and “Let’s Go Crazy.”

This makes TikTok the first short-form video app to gain global access to Prince’s full discography, and as part of the deal, The Prince Estate will offer special programming on the app.

Special Prince Programming

A special Prince playlist, curated by the Estate features highlights from across’s Prince’s repertoire with an emphasis on his activism on behalf of social equality.

TikTok will also host a special “Sound-Off” livestream tour of Paisley Park, his home and recording studio guided by preservationist Mitch Maguire.

“Prince was known for breaking boundaries and TikTok has proven to do so as well. With the addition of Prince’s full catalog on TikTok, it is our hope that a new generation of global fans can find meaning in Prince’s music, and be inspired to create,” said Troy Carter, Entertainment Advisor to the Prince Estate in a statement.

“We are massive fans of Prince and admirers of his cultural legacy. The addition of the Artist’s catalog to our Sounds library will inspire our users to connect with his music in creative and unexpected ways–his catalog is so deep, and many are approaching his songs with fresh ears,” said Brandon Holman, Label Partnerships Manager at TikTok.

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