Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Spotify steps up podcast monetisation with in-app offers | Music Ally

Spotify is trying something new around podcast advertising: ‘in-app offers‘. It means that when someone’s listening to a podcast and hears an ad from a sponsor with a particular offer, they’ll also be able to tap on a link to redeem that offer from within the podcast’s episode page in Spotify’s mobile app.

“Most podcast listening happens in screenless moments like when you’re getting ready for work, exercising, running errands, cooking dinner, or washing the dishes. If you hear a compelling offer, you need to make a mental note of it for when you return back to your phone or computer,” is how Spotify described the problem it’s trying to solve here (as much for advertisers as for listeners).

“If you manage to remember the offer, you still need to open your browser and input an often hard-to-remember coupon code or vanity URL… With the launch of In-App Offers, our goal is to reduce this friction and make it easy for our listeners to connect directly with advertisers and their offers featured in podcasts”.

The new feature is initially being tested in the US and Germany with a few brands.

Eamonn Forde

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