Thursday, June 11, 2020

Spotify now lets people share Canvas videos to social media | Music Ally

Canvas is the feature on Spotify where artists can upload eight-second looping videos to accompany their tracks when played in the streaming service’s mobile app. It’s been growing steadily in popularity, and earlier this year Spotify started letting artists share their Canvas videos out to Instagram stories.

Now that ability is being extended to listeners as well. It’s rolling out globally across Spotify’s Android and iOS apps by tomorrow (11 June), and means that when anyone shares a Spotify track to Instagram stories, if it has a Canvas video, that will go with it (extended to 15 seconds for the stories format).

Caveat: according to Spotify’s announcement “there will be no audio on the share”, while Canvas videos in Instagram stories will only be counted as a ‘view’ in the Spotify for Artists analytics dashboard if people tap to play the full song back on Spotify.

The ‘no audio’ aspect illustrates a quirk in current music licensing. Spotify is licensed to stream music, and Instagram is licensed for user-generated use of music, but it seems Canvas videos shared from Spotify still fall between those two stools.

Stuart Dredge


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