Thursday, June 11, 2020

One Little Indian Records becomes One Little Independent Records | Music Ally

British independent label One Little Indian Records was the home of Björk, Skunk Anansie, Crass and other artists. Why the past tense? Because One Little Indian is no more: the label has changed its name to One Little Independent Records.

MD Derek Birkett explained why in a social media post, citing “an eye-opening letter from a Crass fan that detailed precisely why the logo and label name are offensive, as well as the violent history of the terminology”.

The label’s name originally came from the band Birkett was in before he founded the label: Flux of Pink Indians. “I was naive enough at the time of founding my label to think that the name and logo was reflective of my respect and appreciation of the culture,” he wrote yesterday. “I’m aware that my white privilege has sheltered me and fostered my ignorance on these issues. I realise now that the label name and logo instead perpetuated a harmful stereotyping and exploitation of Indigenous People’s culture.” Besides changing the label’s name, he will be donating to a number of relevant charities and organisations.

Stuart Dredge


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