Monday, June 15, 2020

New Snapchat features include music lenses and mini apps | Music Ally

Yesterday, Snapchat’s parent company Snap, Inc announced a swathe of new features for the social app, including some that are directly relevant to music.

One of those features is dedicated music lenses, explained yesterday – this link takes you to the relevant part of the YouTube video of the event – as “our new category of music lenses, so you can always find the perfect song to express yourself and send to friends in a snap”. This was followed by a VERY TikTok-esque clip of someone lip-syncing to a song while using a face-manipulation lens in Snapchat. No details were given on how the licensing is working for these, and/or which rightsholders Snap has deals with at this point.

Music was also part of a new feature called Snap Minis, which lets developers and companies create little HTML5 apps within Snapchat – in much the same way that the ‘Mini-Programs‘ work within Chinese messaging giant WeChat.

Coachella is creating a Snapchat mini for people to “coordinate and plan your festival lineup with your friends” (*cough* not this year, obviously) while meditation app Headspace has a mini for “quick meditations”.

In separate news, TikTok rival Triller is using Snapchat’s ‘Camera Kit’ to “give Triller users access to exclusive Snapchat lenses inspired by artists and songs, which can then be shared across both the Triller and Snapchat platforms”, while SoundCloud is also working on an integration to make it easier for artists to share their tracks, albums, playlists and profiles to Snapchat.


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Stuart Dredge


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