Monday, June 8, 2020

How To Stay Safe On Tour | Music Think Tank

Going on tour is an unmatched experience. You get to meet new people, explore new locations and do what you love — play that funky music. However, there are some safety tips you should keep in mind while on the road. Safety comes in different shapes in sizes — whether it’s protecting your equipment or physical and mental health. Here’s what you should know.
Drive Safely
Driving is something you and your band will be doing a lot. When on tour, driving can get tiring, which results in dangerous fatigue. You’ll always want to have two people in the front at all times.
You’ll also want to plan around harsh weather. If you see a bad storm is coming, you might want to get a head start and drive to the venue early. It’s better to get there sooner rather than have dangerous conditions trap you on the road. 
Also, check your tires, brakes, lights and fluid levels before leaving.
Pack Securely
When you pack your equipment in the van, you should make sure it’s secure. If you get into an accident or take a sharp turn, everything can go flying if it’s not tied down. When you secure it, you won’t have to worry about replacement or repair costs.
Remember that emergencies sometimes happen — you’ll want to pack for these, too. Flashlights and water bottles are two of the basics, but many people forget first-aid kits, warm clothes, booster cables and hazard cones. 

Store Your Equipment
Your equipment is among your most valuable items. From instruments to speakers to cameras, you’ll need to make sure you keep it safe when you’re not using it. An inconspicuous, unmarked trailer for cargo can store everything safely. 
Normal-looking trailers won’t draw as much attention as flashy ones or ones with your logo and website listed on them. That’s just an invitation to get your gear stolen. Even unmarked, you’ll want to have a good lock on it, as well. If you stay in high-theft areas, having the best protection for your instruments is a must. 
Maintain Your Health
Your mental and physical health are important when it comes to safety. You’ll want to maintain both so you stay happy and healthy and the show can go on.
First, you’ll want to keep in touch with your friends and family. Depending on how long your tour is, you may not see them for a while. Make sure you keep chatting. Staying grounded can help balance your work-life dynamic. 
Next, staying active and eating right is critical. When you maintain these two areas, your immune system can keep you healthy while on the road. Don’t forget to get enough sleep, too. 
Plan Your Finances
When you tour, you’re going to need money. Financial planning can be difficult, but if you work together with your bandmates, you can figure it all out. You’ll need to consider how much money everyone will need, how you’ll use it and how to proportion it properly. 
The band will need to discuss how much funds everyone contributes and what you’ll consider personal purchases versus band purchases. Once you create a spending itinerary, you can end up saving money on tour, as well. 
Hit the Road
When you take the proper safety precautions, you won’t have to worry about anything wrecking your tour. You can spend your time focusing on the most important thing: making music.



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