Monday, June 29, 2020

F2020 | Lefsetz Letter

F2020 TikTok (until it’s taken down)
F2020 Instagram

This is a hit!

I didn’t spell out the F-word in the title, otherwise anybody working at a corporation wouldn’t receive this, and they should.

I know nothing about this other than the video. I’ve never heard of the act before, I don’t know if what they’re saying re acceptance is true or not. But I want to believe they had 4.5 million views in half a day before this was taken down and then re-upped.

Why is this so engaging?

It’s the chorus. Not only the words, but the actual music, hear it enough and you want to sing along.

And the deadpan women… It’s almost like Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” video, and the fact that there’s no emotion while the lyrics have so much meaning…

And then the middle finger(s).

Maybe TikTok fulfills the promise of great undiscovered acts that the internet was supposed to surface. I’m not sure where else this stuff lives. The F-word makes it a nonstarter in many places. And TikTok is singular, user-created content, whereas YouTube is too broad.

So, you’re flying on your ingenuity, your creativity…in an era where those are secondary to a team of twenty writers polishing a turd.

Isn’t it funny we’ve been waiting for an anthem encapsulating these insane days from the usual suspect superstars and none have come close and then these unknowns nail it.

And referring to the year as human.

And giving the personal viewpoint as opposed to painting in the broad platitudes most pop stars employ.

And one thing is for sure, a committee would never come up with this, never mind the professional songwriters.

This is the essence of “popular” music. It’s about inspiration more than execution. In other words, you can refine your chops at Berklee and still be unable to create anything original that anyone wants to hear.

This song represents the zeitgeist, employing TikTok, profanity, attitude, personality…and it’s more about the message than the money.



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