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Best Tools For Music Collaboration

Band practices and shows may be cancelled, but that doesn’t mean the creative faucet is turned off. Even in quarantine, collaboration is still possible, thanks to some of these fantastic programs and online resources!

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

Just because we’re stuck in quarantine doesn’t mean the creative juices have to stop flowing! There are many ways you can keep working with your peers on your next banger without having to meet in person. Whether you need a vocalist, producer, guitarist, or sound engineer, these platforms can connect you with creatives from all over the world.

Best Tools for Music Collaboration


With Splice, you can join over a million musicians to find sounds, get gear, and connect with one another with ease. Preview and download millions of sounds from top producers, artists, and sound designers all in one place. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?


Not only does Vocalizr connect producers to producers, but also producers to vocalists. If you know the feeling of wanting great vocals on your track, but not having a great vocalist on hand (or a good voice, for that matter), this site will help you connect yourself to those blessed with the gift of singing. It’s as easy as posting your project to audition and selecting a perfect voice.


With Kompoz, you can use your favorite audio editing software, like Pro Tools, GarageBand, Logic Pro X, PreSonus StudioOne, REAPER, etc. Just upload your song idea to Kompoz, invite others to jump in, and you might get a drummer in France, a keyboard player in Nashville, or a bass player in Malaysia.

It’s super easy to use, and you can create public collaborations and work with artists from their worldwide community or collab privately with your friends and bandmates. It’s up to you!


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ProCollabs is a great website that lets you work with producers, sound engineers, songwriters, vocalists, and more in a creative, user friendly environment. Whether you are in need of a single guitar riff, lyrics for chorus or even just background vocals, this site has it all. By becoming a member, you can even get access to tons of licensing opportunities and get paid by selling your musical skills or your whole projects if you want.


Melboss is another great site that lets you find other musicians or professionals in the industry, showcase your skills, promote your profile and build your network. You can learn from the best, get precise feedback on your music and valuable career advice, connect with Grammy Award winners producers, engineers, A&Rs and managers.

Melboss can even help you get more exposure in the industry. It lets you participate in Melboss opportunities and contests to gain exposure and help develop your professional career as a musician.


With SoundTrap, you can create, explore new sounds, and collaborate with others from the comfort of your own home. The online studio gives you the ability to record, edit and collaborate on any device, anywhere you go, so you can create a track whenever you feel inspired! Even better, all of your projects are stored online in the cloud.


WeTransfer is an internet-based computer file transfer service that lets you share your work with collaborators from anywhere in the world for free. You can upload any kind of audio file and even choose whether the recipient can download and stream the file or just stream it. Download speed is fast, easy, and files are sent and received almost instantly.

Social Media

Don’t sleep on traditional social media! In this day and age, you can connect with people from all over the world with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. right from your phone. You can check out their profile, say hi, and build a relationship with musicians and industry professionals just like you. Through socials, you can find links to their work to check out their skills and see if their vibe matches your own. You may even make some lifelong friends!

In Conclusion…

As you build your network, you can talk to your new peers about which platforms they like the most and learn first hand which ones are right for you and your needs. There’s nothing more real than personal testimonies right from the source. Get inspired, get connected, and start creating!

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