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Best Facebook Video Strategy For Musicians In 2020

Video is becoming an increasingly integral part of Facebook’s overall content, and with this trend showing no signs of slowing down, having a solid video marketing strategy is more important than ever for artists as they move forward through 2020.

Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

Facebook is increasingly become a video platform with 15% of all its content now in video form – and that number is still growing. Indeed, videos are becoming critical to artists, bands and musicians to reach their fans on the platform. That’s why it’s important to have a coherent video strategy that’s up to date.

Socialinsider studied over 10 million Facebook videos to find out what made them successful or not. Even though 71% of all video posts come from accounts with over 100,000 fans, there’s still a lot to learn even if you don’t have nearly that many.

Here are a few things to keep in mind even before you begin production on your next video.

1. The ideal length for an uploaded video is between 2 and 5 minutes. It’s important to ensure that the video captures viewers attention for at least one minute. Sometimes videos that go longer than 20 minutes can get as much engagement and more.

2. Live videos get almost twice as much attention as uploaded videos. It turns out that people just aren’t that interested in a video that’s too polished and prefer ones that your more “authentic.” That said, only 12% of all Facebook videos are live.

3. Live videos over 1 hour get about 5 times as much engagement. You would think that shorter videos would be better like that of uploaded videos, but the study found just the opposite to the case. Attention increases dramatically at the 1 hour mark.

4. Longer descriptions get more attention. A description with at least 300 characters gets twice as much attention than one with 50 characters or less.

5. Vertical videos get more engagement than landscape or square videos. 52% of all current videos are in landscape format, but the data shows that vertical videos get about 50% more engagement.

Regardless of how popular Facebook videos are at the moment, there’s no reason to think about the platform if your fans aren’t there. If you do have a substantial audience on the platform, a video strategy is more important than ever to get the most enagement.


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