Monday, May 4, 2020

UK’s Tileyard to expand in London, with plans to enter the US market | Music Business Worldwide

Tileyard London, based in the city’s Kings Cross area, is a central pillar of the UK music industry. Some 250 companies – including the likes of Believe, Platoon, Beats 1, Maverick and Empire – have based their UK HQs within the development, which hosts a range of offices, studios and other amenities.

Having recently announced a second UK site in the North of England, due to open next year, Tileyard is now looking at more than doubling the footprint of its original London site (mock-up, pictured) as well as eyeing expansion into the US and Far East.

The double-pronged UK expansion involves an investment of over £40 million and is expected to bring over 2,000 new jobs to the sites in London and Wakefield.

Tileyard’s current London site spans approximately 150,000 square feet, welcoming around 1,500 people each day.

Meanwhile, Tileyard’s management team have already scoped out potential locations in the US (with all major music cities under consideration) whilst also planning a move into Singapore.

Tileyard co-founder, Nick Keynes, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be expanding Tileyard both here in London and with our new site (Tileyard North) in Wakefield. Now more than ever it’s vital the creative industries have a home, a community, world class facilities to return to and active investment.

“We’re also in conversations on potential new sites both in the USA and Asia. It’s an incredible feeling to have cities reaching out to us asking to replicate what we’ve built here in London. They, like us, are aware of the power these creative communities can yield as well as the job creation they generate. We’re very excited to see what the coming months and years bring for Tileyard, both here in the UK and internationally.”

“We’re very excited to see what the coming months and years bring for Tileyard, both here in the UK and internationally.”

Nick Keynes, Tileyard

He added: “What started as an idea nine years ago has bloomed into a thriving community housing some of the most innovative companies in the world and I am excited to bring this creative gem to other locations to help creative communities thrive all over the world. Our decision to make further investment and the local authorities decision to allow this should be a clear sign of the value of Tileyard”

Paul Kempe, Tileyard Owner & Co-founder, added: “We’re investing over £40 million already just in the expansions here in the UK but the value we are adding to the creative industries globally and the local areas providing these world class facilities is worth so much more. I am incredibly proud to see Europe’s largest creative community, Tileyard, continue to grow and am passionate about continuing to grow the brand globally ”

Located in Kings Cross, London Tileyard is Europe’s largest community of artists, studios and businesses, all revolving around music, ideas, collaboration and creativity.Music Business Worldwide


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