Tuesday, May 5, 2020

SyncSing’s Newzik Raises $3.3M To Revolutionize Sheet Music | Hypebot

SyncSing’s Newzik Raises $3.3M To Revolutionize Sheet Music

French company SyncSing has closed a $3.3 million USD private funding round.

The startup, known publically as Newzik, has been using its own funds for development over the past five years.

Newzik‘s benefits include no paper waste and handling costs as more fluidity in sharing musical content made possible by Newzik’s new collaborative features. Its iOS app is already used by tens of thousands of musicians.

Newzik includes:

  • a cloud-based library: download or purchase scores and build a digital library;
  • professional working tools: an annotation palette, automatic or foot-switch page-turning and audio recording;
  • collaborative spaces: share annotations and scores in real-time based on the Google Docs model.

The Newzik application is available free of charge on the App Store. Premium access is available via a subscription.

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