Thursday, May 7, 2020

Spotify tests video podcasts with YouTubers Zane and Heath | Music Ally

Spotify’s next move in podcasts will be letting people watch as well as listen. The Verge reports that Spotify is running tests with YouTube stars Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar for their ‘Zane and Heath: Unfiltered’ show.

“The global test, which allows the creators to upload their recorded video footage to the app, will show up for 50 percent of the show’s Spotify podcast listeners,” it reported. “Videos will only be coming to three recent episodes… Videos will sync with the audio feed and keep playing even if listeners lock their phones, and ad spots will still play but with the video showing up as a single, static shot.” The test taps into a wider trend for podcasts to be available in video as well as audio form.

In other Spotify/podcasts news, its hip-hop show Mogul is getting a Mogul Mixtapes spin-off, with interviews focusing on nostalgia. “Nostalgia makes you feel good. You’re transported back to the time you were in, who you were around, the sights, sounds. And that includes music,” said host Brandon Jenkins.

In less positive news (well, it’s positive that it has taken action) Spotify has removed a podcast that included an interview with conspiracy theorist David Icke’s views on Covid-19 and 5G.

Stuart Dredge


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