Monday, May 4, 2020

Reopening | Lefsetz Letter

It’s very simple, it’s all about testing.

You start with the necessary workers, you know, those at the grocery store, the infrastructure that keeps America going. You test them on a regular basis. Then you open the spigot just a bit, and test those at retail and office locations. And you keep testing. And when you find someone who is infected, you isolate them until their infection runs its course.

But we can’t do that in America, because it’s going to impact our FREEDOM!

Let’s start with the tests. We ain’t got them. No one has covered this better than John Oliver last night:

Coronavirus VI: Testing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

We live in an era of disinformation. Trump has employed Putin’s playbook. You beat up on the press, you put so many theories out there that the truth is in question. Even if someone in an official capacity is spewing facts, those are questionable too.

But to stay with testing, we haven’t got enough. Jared Kushner says we do, Trump says everybody who wants one can get one, but our testing today is unbelievably low and so is our capacity, experts say we need 5-35 million tests a day, at a minimum 500,000, but presently we’re testing close to 200,000 people a day.

But, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Isn’t that what Bush 2 said?

It was only the beginning.

And Brownie was doing a HELLUVA JOB saving New Orleans, and the end result was that the Republicans got wiped out in the next election.

But it’s even worse now, Trump is getting in a fight with Bush 2! Trump only has loyalists, essentially on the payroll, he’s got no allies. And you cannot win a war that way.

But let’s get back to freedom why don’t we, that’s the bedrock of America, as well as the right to carry an assault rifle and have no health insurance. They have an assault rifle massacre in Canada, and Trudeau outlaws the weapon, institutes a buyback program for those in existence, but we can’t do that in America, because those who possess them need them to fight America, if the government gets out of control.

Ever hear of a drone? Ever hear of cyberspace?

That’s where war is fought today. You might have read the story about ex-Googler Eric Schmidt being the new military expert, telling the generals to get behind machine learning, but these are the same overtrained bozos who believe the war will be fought on the ground.

So, the weather got warm and you want to go to the beach.


Do you think anybody wants to stay home? That they don’t want to go out and get a burger, watch a movie…

But we get everybody in the country on the same page, staying home, that’s quite an accomplishment, but then Trump and the anti-vaxxers start protesting, in small numbers, and it’s all over, we’ve got to open the country whether we’re ready or not.

But the big news today is even TRUMP expects Covid-19 deaths to rise prodigiously.

That’s right, it’s been the headline story all day in the aforementioned lacking credibility “failing” “New York Times”:

“Coronavirus Live Updates: As States Move to Reopen, 2 Projections Show Deaths Rising”

To 3,000 a day by June 1 from 1,750 today. Infections are going to go to 200,000 a day from 25,000 now.


It’s the headline in the “New York Times,” it’s finally made it to the “Washington Post,” but it’s not near the top at the “Wall Street Journal,” as for Fox News…the headline is all about Michael Flynn, isn’t this the equivalent of Hillary’s e-mails, but in reverse?

But the problem is all China’s. Trump wants China to pay for our losses.

Yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen.

But even worse, this is like looking for the person who set the fire while it still rages. PUT OUT THE FIRE FIRST!

So what we are looking for is leadership, someone to tell us what to do.

What the past six weeks have proven is we WILL do what someone tells us to do, the government leaders do have power.

But Trump kept saying it was the states’ obligation, and then occasionally took power from them. This is like the NFL letting every team set its own rules, and then Roger Goodell coming along every once in a while to change them.

So, people sit at home and run by their feelings, as if their feelings are worth anything.

Hmm… I can’t see the cliff, there is a warning sign but the drop is not visible, so I’m gonna keep going at top speed.

Meanwhile, all we keep hearing about is SWEDEN!

Well, it turns out it isn’t working in Sweden. Suddenly, deaths have skyrocketed! I could provide the link, I could provide links for all of this, but you’re not gonna believe them, so why bother.

And now we’ve got the insane Tara Reade story.

Only the Democrats can shoot themselves in the foot.

You don’t take the bait. You get out ahead of the story.

So, at first the left wing press buried the story and Biden stayed silent. And then the right harped on it so much that Biden had to respond. And he denied it. And that’s usually enough in today’s world, that kills a story in today’s fast-moving news cycle. But Biden waited too long, you jump on the accusation immediately. As for the press, it can see the truth in the right wing position, and now is self-flagellating, can you say JUDITH MILLER!

Yes, the “Times” printed an editorial over the weekend calling for a further investigation.

Today there’s an opinion piece in the Gray Lady saying Biden has to go.

So, once again the right defines the debate and laughs as the left trips over its sneakers.

It’s very simple lefties… JUST MOVE ON! And if questioned, say for the good of the country they’re not going to attack Biden.

Of course, the press and the DNC anointed the lame Biden and now they’re paying the price, proving once again that the handlers and the prognosticators are clueless. They’re so busy saving their status that they hurt the country.

So no wonder you feel alone, no wonder you feel stuck in the middle with me.

Facts have become irrelevant.

The economy is being trashed and those damn lefties made us shut down the country, so we’ll show them, WE’LL REOPEN IT!

And like those coronavirus deniers we read about in the past six weeks, new ones will die. It’s kinda like Lee Atwater, the dirty trickster working for Reagan and Bush, on his premature deathbed he recanted, tried to take it all back. That’s what happens when you die, you’ve got remorse.

But people die all day long, so what’s the difference now?

Well, the deaths far outpace those for the flu, but people still don’t believe it.

Bill Gates is knowledgeable on pandemics and has a profile, but the truth is he started the whole thing for personal gain. Yup, that’s what the anti-vaxxers and right wing believe. Gates is gonna ride in on a white horse with a vaccine, so why should he be believed?

As for Trump… He feels like there will be a vaccine by the end of the year. Just like he felt Covid-19 was an irrelevant issue in America.

And speaking of America, the supposed greatest country in the world, it turns out South Korea had a better plan. It’s kinda like 9/11, who could foresee terrorists flying into skyscrapers? OUR OWN DAMN GOVERNMENT! But you can’t listen to experts on the payroll, because they’re part of the deep state that is ruining this great country of ours, rogue entities that are now allowing Trump to rule as he sees fit!

Back to Tara Reade… The DNC didn’t foresee this? If Trump and his cronies were gonna employ a quid pro quo, dollars for dirt, with Ukraine for Biden info, and then Trump skates on impeachment, do you really think the Donald and the RNC are gonna be afraid and stop going on the attack?

So, you’ve got to go to the beach. You can’t get sick in the sunshine, it inoculates you!

But the data has come out saying exactly the opposite!

But data is manipulated, don’t believe it.

You’ve got the right to go to the office and go shopping. After all, you know plenty of people who go to the grocery store who are fine.

Meanwhile, they’re now wearing masks when Pence does not. And his reasoning? HE’S TESTED ALL THE TIME!

The goal is to limit the number of infected and isolate them, so fewer people can be infected by them, so infections die in the general population, but now the government itself is saying we’re going in the opposite direction by opening up the country, that deaths will double!

And it’s not even six degrees of separation. You or someone you know will die. You think you’re immune, but you’re not. And when it’s you…haven’t we learned that in today’s America no one can suffer, no one can take one for the team? Oh, people say this, but when it’s them, they want someone to pay, it’s unjust and unfair!

And who the hell is gonna go for a test if you’ve got to pay for it. Even if it’s free, many people don’t believe this, after getting ER and other medical bills. As for the illegals doing a lot of the grunt work, they’re never gonna be tested, they’d rather risk dying than being kicked back to Central America where they truly will die.

We’ve been skating for decades, saying the worst can never happen, that there will never be a rainy day. And it’s at all levels. People have no savings and corporations don’t either, if they’ve got any cash they kick it back to their stockholders, as for the government…it’s inefficient so it must be starved!

Not that anything I write here will change your mind. Because if you don’t agree, you’ve probably been subjected to DECADES of disinformation, you’d have to rewrite your entire history, better to go down with the ship.

As for the ship…

The Navy says Crozier can come back, but the secretary appointed by Trump is so afraid of angering the Donald that he’s kicked it back for another review. And when institutions fail, you’re screwed. This was a rubber stamp situation. But what we’ve got here is the lifetime employees saying get over it, it’s fine, Crozier should go back to being the captain, but the temporary employee with less experience says no. So, do you want to subject yourself to the system? OF COURSE NOT! You’re either muzzled or fired, you’ve got to take the company line or you’re history! So, it all comes down to keeping your job, is that what work should be about? Is truth irrelevant?

I always laughed when George Carlin said voting was irrelevant.

Oh, I know, I know, better Biden than Trump. There is a difference, but it’s gonna benefit the big people more than the little.

As for Biden…

Covid-19 is de rigueur, it’s part of the fabric, it’s the daily condition, if people are no longer scared of the virus today what are the odds they’ll remember in November?

All the statistics said Biden should emerge victorious, but now the right is ramping up, attacking Biden 24/7, who is so lame he can’t even FIGHT BACK! It’d be like someone dropping a nuclear bomb on your house and you waiting weeks to retaliate. It shows weakness, and aren’t we looking for strength in a leader? That’s one place Trump has got Biden beat.

And there will be debates, because Trump will cream Biden, that’s a given.

And what will the issues be?


We’ve seen this movie over and over again. The Democrats nominate a reasonable person with experience and they lose over trivial matters that have nothing to do with governing. How about Kerry? He famously got Swiftboated. He went to fight and Bush 2 did not, but somehow it’s Kerry’s fault?

So, the Democrats could stop nominating the safe candidate, who always loses, and throw a longer ball. Someone who fights back, someone who sets the agenda.

But they’re scared of this. Trump breaks the paradigm and the DNC wants to re-establish it. What next, typewriters?

As for the Postal Service…

Of course it should be propped up. And it would be fine if the Republicans didn’t insist that pensions be paid way in advance. But Trump keeps saying the problem is Jeff Bezos, when in truth Amazon does not get favorable rates, and no one is explaining to the hoi polloi how the Postal Service benefits them. People believe they live in a purely digital world, so screw the mail carriers. They’re all on the dole anyway.

Meanwhile, everybody with a dime gets more. Your CEO is paid millions? Well, you need government assistance, the individual has no relationship with their bank, the business of America is business, and since we’ve stripped down the IRS and the overseers, you’re never gonna get caught anyway. Do you really think the Lakers would be taking this money if they were afraid of getting caught? Of course not, but today no one gets caught, except for the little person.

But the IRS is bad, as are the taxes it collects.

But it’s your taxes that pay the CDC, and you keep saying you want to be safe…

I give up. I’m just one voice in a million. I’m not convincing anybody to change their opinion. As for the bloviators on the flat screen and in opinion pages… That’s their business, they paid their dues, they aren’t letting in those who did not. It’d be like walking out of law school and demanding to be made partner at the law firm, doesn’t happen.

So, should you stay home, wear a mask and observe social distancing when everybody else is not?

Already people are standing closer, the data tells us this, the cellphone data. And you can just look at the pictures.

And I was just at a gas station, for every person with a mask and rubber gloves, there’s another in flip-flops living free and easy, and isn’t it funny that the richer people are, the more they believe they’re immune. And, in fact they are. They’ve don’t go to the grocery store and they certainly don’t have to work there. And if they think they’re infected, they’re connected and get a test instantly. And then our leader says this is the way life is in these United States.

It most certainly is.

But it shouldn’t be.


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