Friday, May 1, 2020

Mixonset - Award-Winning Lazy DJ App | Music Think Tank

Protect your AUX with Mixonset’s Lazy DJ App

Award-winning startup, Mixonset has launched their iOS app on the App Store, letting you instantly mix your Spotify playlists like a DJ.

Mixonset launched its AI DJ app on the App Store. Mixonset is the “app for lazy DJs” to instantly generate beat-matched music mixes wherever they go.


BEST MIXING: Mixonset’s music mixing software is the best in the world. Just a portion of our research won an international music-tech conference for being the best at estimating tempo – a core technology important for beat-matching and generating transitions. Mixonset was recognised as one of the most innovative media companies in Canada by winning StartupFest’s Disruptive Content Prize.


AS EASY AS SHUFFLE: Mixonset makes it easy for Spotify Premium users to mix their playlists. The app Mixonset revolutionizes DJing by letting users create seamless mixes from their playlists with a single tap – as easy as ‘shuffling’ a playlist. “Our app got rid of the biggest roadblock for DJing, which is how difficult, expensive, and time-consuming it is to mix music,” said CEO and Co-Founder, Zeyu Li.


PLAYLISTS SMOOTH AS AN ALBUM: In the music streaming era, music listening is driven by playlists. 73% of listeners never listen to an album in the order that the artist intends, opting instead to create their own playlists. A common problem with shuffled playlists is that the songs are mismatched and randomized. Mixonset’s smart mixing is the solution: the app brings back the smoothness of an album for each listener’s playlist by curating beat-matched playlists and seamless transitions.


SMART MIXING: Mixonset provides seamless transitions within your smart mix. The app uses Artificial Intelligence to replicate how a DJ mixes music. CEO Zeyu said, “The app works so great that we’ve mixed music for parties of 1,000 people, and nobody knew that the DJ was just an app. But we want to expand people’s idea about music mixing being just for DJs and parties. We want to bring Mixonset to your house party, your morning commute or your study session. It’s about making the best music experience accessible to everyone.”


WOW YOUR FRIENDS: The Smart Mix feature instantly beat-matches all the songs in a playlist to ensure that they sound great together. Moreover, the Fill in the Gaps feature expands your playlist to a 3-hour mix by automatically adding songs that have a similar vibe, that could be your next favorite jam!


Mixonset is available for free for Spotify Premium users on the Apple App Store. users can access the best listening experience with instant playlist generation, AI-generated transitions, automatic playlist curation, and other innovative features.


Mixonset is bringing the party everywhere for lazy DJs by making music mixing as easy as ‘shuffle’.


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