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How To Play Your Music To The Chinese Market | Music Think Tank

A Digital World

Masses of people tapped into their devices like no other country, almost everything is done via smart device. Maybe that is how China has been able to stabilize the spread of covid-19 as the rest of the world struggles to stop the spread.

Nearly everyone in China regardless of the situation is already used to daily life revolving around the stash of services accessed by their devices. These services are what sets the market in China apart from the West.


New consumer behaviours 

Our tools mold our behavior and when you have a tool that consumes a large part of your waking day in work and in play this is where your audience gathers. Already hearing your music coloring their time as they browse stores, edit video, chat with friends or any other activity.

Your listeners don’t need to search for your music. Your music could be creating the ambience in each virtual world. This is how you play your music to the Chinese Market. 


Get Found off the Mainstream 

The music market is now made up largely of what we know as the traditional streaming services that we have become familiar with. We each have our own go to, to get that song that will please our body, mind and soul, at a moment’s feeling.

We each have access to the world’s catalogue of music at the touch of a finger. But we still have to look for it and the music still needs to be found. Like the Lord of the Rings, Precious  wants to be found.

Your precious can be found when pushed to as many services as possible and I don’t mean just streaming services: to the general market not just the music market. Any service that colors their virtual or physical world with music and sound.

China is just the place that this works, because of the mass population, mass availability of devices per person, mass usage in daily life per person, and the infrastructure that supports this behavior.


AI and New Products Shaping our Digital Soundscape

Realize there is another factor at play, AI. What does it take for you to get your music found or added to a playlist: Your time. AI allows the possibility of your music to be found and used without the subjectivity of human error or daily schedule constraints. AI lists music to relevant radio channels in Ximalaya FM giving you back time you could be using to make more music,

Devices themselves are a world and opportunity for your music to be heard. Huawei and Xiaomi devices have their own music apps and China’s answer to Alexa is DuerOS with its own avenue to your music. Video and camera platforms like Meitu and B612 allow users to add your music to their videos.


The Future is Now and The Tools to Share

Everyone has seen movies of the future. I thought that we’d all be riding on hoverboards and driving cars in skyways and control the weather by now. Utopian civilizations living in harmony or in utter social sterility, or in anarchy and chaos or the return to nature are all possible outcomes. Covid-19 has brought us all to our knees in ways we have only just begun to notice. And what I have seen is the humility and humanity that people have shared with our virtual neighbors. We have the tools to share.

The future is not what the movies make it out to be. Though China may be rooted in tradition and ancient practices, it is the new generations who are molding the future. In many ways, China is leading the world into the future by developing many of the world’s first: forest city, robot doctor, floating solar power plant, passenger drone, monkey clones, quantum satellite, smart train, virtual railway, and much more.

The services available in China are unlike any you are familiar with. Wechat is like Facebook, or WhatsApp but it is much more than that. Weibo is like Twitter but it is much more than that. Anyone heard of Tiktok now rocking the nation? Guess what? That comes from China too.

Look out for Ximalaya FM, DuerOS, Meitu, B612, Toutiao, Mafengwo, Lizhi FM, Backaudio, Xiaomi and more. We will keep you updated with in-depth profiles of all these services. All of which pay you for your music. Please read about our first feature service, Huawei.

Get your music played in China by sharing your music to the most services possible through Musicinfo. Your gateway to China!

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