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How To Build A Music Streaming App | Step By Step Guide | Music Think Tank

 The music streaming services industry is estimated to grow by more than $5 billion by 2023. Currently, music streaming apps offer the highest profits in digital niches. The music streaming service industry market attained revenue of $11 million in 2019. These facts make the creation of music apps to be an excellent notion for online entrepreneurs. Keep reading to get insight on how to build a music streaming app. 


4 Factors to Consider When Creating Music Streaming Apps

 1. Select Your Location

App development and music do not have boundaries and are not cumbersome, thanks to internet capabilities. However, due to the high popularity of music apps, most app proprietors are saturating the market with various music streaming apps.


Rather than competing with big brands, it’s easier to develop a music app that suits a limited audience. Selecting a location will save time since you do not have to choose features such as storage and language.

 2. License

You will need sound recording and composer licenses before getting approval to create your app. You have to register your music app to avoid violating Copyright regulations.

 3. Features

Add special features in your app to make it unique—most music streaming apps live-stream exclusive songs and the latest movie trailers to stand out from other apps. Use C# for mobile app development and associate with influencers to improve your music app’s social media profile. The goal is to be unique and different from competitors.

4. Excellent Song Recommendation

Users will look for other alternatives if your music app has a poor song recommendation or dull personalization playlist. Ensure your app has a machine algorithm and collects adequate personal details to offer accurate song recommendation. The app should inquire about details such as genre and personal interest from its users.

6 Steps To Follow When Creating a Music Streaming App

 1. Consider the Significant Music Streaming Features

Your music streaming service should permit song download and allow quick access to the playlist and library. The search option should also be fast and accurate, and the app should have steps of creating a user’s account.

 2. Select the Licensing

Determine the ideal licenses that you need to avoid violating the law. The most necessary are Audio recording and composer licenses to prevent issues with Copyright regulators.

 3. Search for Music App Developers

It is highly recommendable that you let experts handle the job for you. If you can convert HTML to PDF in C# code project, you can also develop your music app but if you are not sure about this, you should avoid second-guesses. Ensure you go through the profile of your app development firms before hiring them.

 4. Consider the Appearance of Your App

You should agree with your app developers on the outlook of the future app. Thus, you will have to build an app Mockup, Prototype, and wireframe.

 5. Identify Your Monetization Method

The significant objective of creating your app is to make returns. Avoid being greedy when selecting your monetization techniques. Paid apps that employ advertisements discourage users and make them opt for an alternative.

 6. Cost of Building a Music Streaming App

The typical stages when developing a music streaming app include the engineering stage, coding, testing, and maintenance.

The engineering stage involves a selection of tools that will assist in software implementation. This stage will take about 80 hours. Coding is among the complex processes you will face when creating music apps. Writing code even for an app with a trivial design, and simple functions will take 720 hours.

After coding, you will have to spend more time testing the application. Utilize users’ comments and feedback to create an app that attracts more users than past versions. You will also need to support your app’s lifecycle for at least 15 hours monthly. You will need to offset ongoing and regular license charges to access your songs.

Due to the complexity of music apps and hourly charges of app developers, creating a music streaming application will cost between $25,000 and $60000.


Consider the above details before building your music streaming app. Developing music streaming applications is an ideal way to make money investments and to showcase your creativity. With the median revenue of $10.81 in 2019 per user, the music streaming app industry is profitable. Music streaming apps are getting popular since users can access all tracks on the internet.


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