Thursday, May 28, 2020

Clubify launches subscription-based livestreaming service | Music Ally

The latest startup hoping to make a livestreaming splash is called Clubify, and its pitch to fans is “your favourite DJs, clubs and festivals live at home”.

The UK-based startup’s focus is on electronic music, then, but also on charging for access rather than free streams.

Its subscription membership will cost £14.90 a month or £149.90 a year, although non-members will be able to rent some ‘video sets’ on Clubify for a standard price of £3.90 per set. Merchandising, music sales and sponsorships are also part of the plans.

The company is hoping to sign up artists, labels, clubs and festivals to make their new and archived livestreams available on their own channels within the service, with various kinds of revenue sharing from referral fees for fans who sign up (30% of their monthly subscription for life) to 50% of the net profits on merch sales. Clubify’s official launch event is tomorrow (29 May), a partnership with London club Egg.

Stuart Dredge


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