Friday, May 1, 2020

4 Achievable Activities For Artists On Lockdown | Music Think Tank

For those artists sheltering in place, it can often feel like there’s a great deal of pressure to be productive and make something out of all this ‘free time.’ Given the current state of affairs, however, many artists and musicians may not be in a mental or physical position where they can really tackle writing and recording the next Great American Record. Here, we look at a few more ‘bite-sized’ activities for homebound artists to try during these harrowing times.


Revisit Old Ideas

Coming up with wholly new materials might be a struggle right now, so why not look through documents and demos and see how some of that old, unfinished material holds up in a fresh light. It might be terrible, but there could also be some roses in those thorns.


‘Active’ Listening

If you’re working in the music industry, it’s probably at least in part because you like music. Why not step back from making it for a while and just focus on enjoying it? Put on a classic favorite album, or branch out with something new, and take some time to just listen with as few distractions as possible.


Cathartic Playing

Even if it’s outside of your typical genre or style, playing some angry and percussive or sad and slow music could help alleviate some of the extreme tension many of us are feeling right now. In addition, stepping out of your comfort zone as a musician is almost always good for personal and technical growth.


Mindless Drills

If you really can’t muster any creative energy at all, but still want to practice, ‘bundling’ can be a great option. Put on a favorite show or podcast and take some time to run through your scales or finger exercises. Becoming a better musician doesn’t always necesitate breaking new creative ground.


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