Thursday, April 9, 2020

Safe In Our World launches mental health hub for Covid-19 | Music Ally

We haven’t written about Safe In Our World before, but it’s essentially the British games industry’s equivalent of Help Musicians: a charity focusing on mental health and wellbeing for people in that industry. Like that organisation, Safe In Our World has launched a ‘hub’ focused on Covid-19 / coronavirus, and while it’s aimed at games-industry people, we think a lot of the content could be helpful to people in the music industry too.

There are articles on managing stress; keeping active; establishing routines and good working-from-home practices; and coping with isolation, for example. Plus, a handy piece outlining some of the games that can help you relax.

The (excellent) information and efforts being made by Help Musicians and other music organisations remain our focus, but it does no harm to also look to the resources other industries are providing for help in the current time too.


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Stuart Dredge


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