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IMPALA Maps EU Indie Music COVID-19 Support

Following the adoption of IMPALA’s ten-point crisis plan, indie label trade association’s COVID-19 task force has launched a mapping tool to measure results for the independent music sector in Europe.

According to a release, the information is made up principally of IMPALA members’ replies to a survey to keep track of developments and is aimed at promoting best practices, encouraging co-ordination and keeping members informed.

Action by digital services, collecting societies as well as national radio and other media is covered, alongside the EU and national governments. Sector losses will be assessed and post-crisis recovery measures to boost growth will be also included. The information collated will continue to evolve as IMPALA members update it.

Francesca Trainini, Chair of IMPALA and its Covid-10 Task Force said: “The aim of our mapping is to promote best practices and co-ordination in Europe. We want to see artists and freelance workers preserve their livelihood, and independent music companies stay in business and continue investing.”

Helen Smith, Executive Chair of IMPALA added: “Many countries need to do more, in particular as regards specific action for music and culture. As well as EU and national measures, our mapping focuses on action taken by collecting societies, digital services and national media. This is a key part of our crisis plan where we expect to see further developments.”

IMPALA’s mapping shows a number of main trends so far:

  • most countries have adopted basic economic responses of some description.
  • there are considerable discrepancies – if governments really want to make an impact and help their cultural sectors weather the storm, they should go for the full package of measures listed in point 3 of IMPALA’s crisis plan.
  • there is still a lack of specific support for music from the EU and most governments (this was also flagged last week by a grouping of forty pan-European associations calling for a prioritization of the music sector).
  • ensuring music companies fit into general support schemes can be difficult, as often the eligibility criteria don’t match (this also underlines why a sector approach is important).
  • sector measures by collecting societies, digital services, national radio and other media are still developing and we expect to see more responses coming soon.
  • more focus on post-crisis recovery mechanisms is needed.
  • work is still being done by the sector in most countries to assess losses.

You can access IMPALA’s mapping tool HERE.

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