Monday, April 27, 2020

Carlos Vives launches #NoTeVayasDeTuCasa video-call campaign | Music Ally

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, we’re seeing a growing number of artist marketing campaigns – and even the music that’s at the centre of them – address the crisis. The latest marketing example is from Colombian artist Carlos Vives, whose latest single is called ‘No Te Vayas’ (translation: ‘Don’t Go’).

That theme has been adapted for a marketing campaign hashtagged #NoTeVayasDeTuCasa (‘Don’t leave your house’). Fans were encouraged to visit a dedicated website with a video message filmed by Vives at his house, inviting fans to join him on a (personalised) video call encouraging them to ‘stay home, stay healthy, and enjoy music’.

Sony Music US Latin worked with advertising agency The Amazement Agency on the campaign, which saw more than 250,000 fans from 87 countries get Vives’ greetings.

Stuart Dredge


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