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Top 10 Reasons To Attend ASCAP Experience 2020 [Beat The Price Increase]

ASCAP Experience is scheduled for April 1-3 in downtown Los Angeles and the newly refocused conference has a lot to offer.

Here, ASCAP shares its top 10 reasons to attend: 

1. Figure out how to break into the music biz 

Whether you’re a songwriter, producer, artist, composer or aspiring businessperson, you’ll leave the ASCAP Experience with a ton of practical steps you can take to find your way in. Our panelists are all successful professionals, and they’ll share the stories of how they did it, and offer tips on how you can do the same. While only you can find the true path to your dream career, our panelists can hook you up with a nice GPS (metaphorically speaking). 

2. You work hard for the money 

You’ve got the talent and determination to be a full-time music creator. But do you know how to turn all that into cash? The ASCAP Experience can teach you how to take advantage of the different royalty streams available to you, how to make sense (and cents!) of publishing/label/synch deals, and new ways to monetize your music that you haven’t even considered. Hey, that Pro Tools rig ain’t paying for itself! 

3. Focus on what matters to you 

Do you care about honing your songwriting/composing/producing chops? Building your brand? Networking? Monetizing your music? Whatever intrigues you the most, the ASCAP Experience has programming devoted to your interests. We’ve organized all of our panels and sessions into programming tracks, so you can stay on target (even if you’re not sure what you’re aiming at). 

4. Meet (or BE) a future superstar 

FINNEAS went to the EXPO six years before he and his sis Billie Eilish earned 10 Grammys. Meghan Trainor was there in 2010, four years before she took “All About That Bass” to #1. “Wake Me Up” singer Aloe Blacc watched Bill Withers in conversation with Justin Timberlake in 2010. You can tell your grandkids “I remember rubbing elbows with ______ at the 2020 ASCAP Experience!” Wanna fill in the blank? Then you gotta get your pass. 

5. Show off your music chops 

If you’ve got the talent, we’ve got a platform for you to shine. Enter our Experience Competition to perform your songs for a packed room and prominent music industry judges. Or submit for our annual She Rocks Showcase. Or try out one of our new Open Mic Moments (read more here). The InterContinental is a big hotel – there are endless hallways, lounge spaces and outdoor nooks perfect for an impromptu jam session, too! 

6. Find out if your songs suck (and how to improve them if they do!) 

Your mom probably loves your music. But she’s not going to give it to you straight. At the ASCAP Experience, there are tons of opportunities to get objective, constructive feedback on how to make better music. From our feedback panels to Darrell Brown’s Open House to Desmond Child’s Song Force Five sessions, there’s no end to the opinions you can solicit at the Experience. Just bring your thickest skin – our panelists are supportive, but honest! 

7. Meeting people is easy 

They say it’s hard to meet people in Los Angeles. HOGWASH! The ASCAP Experience brings thousands of aspiring music creators to LA, and they’re all excited to meet music people like you. You could even end up working with a panelist (wouldn’t be the first timeor the second time). Are you the shy type? We’ve scheduled plenty of networking events to break the ice.  

8. Well, well, well 

Making music involves all of you – your body, your mind, your spirit. So we’ve put together a ton of wellness programming at the ASCAP Experience that can help you balance all of the above. Music & mindfulness, mental health, sound baths, yoga, AA meetings…whatever helps you feel at your creative best, we’re here to support! 

9. You never know who you’ll bump into 

The ASCAP Experience attracts all kinds of fascinating folks each year. One year, Sinbad showed up with his daughter. And then Jason Mraz went incognito, listening to attendees play their original songs at one of Darrell Brown’s marathon feedback sessions. Remember when Full House and Fuller House star John Stamos showed up to interview Desmond Child

10. Get high 

The ASCAP Experience takes place in the tallest skyscraper on the West Coast. That means you have plenty of opportunities to perfect your elevator pitch. It also means you can lock eyes with a helicopter pilot as you sip your cocktail at America’s tallest open-air bar, located on the 73rd floor of the hotel. Talk about elevating your career… 

Worried about COVID 19?

ASCAP is taking proactive measures to ensure the health of all attendees and issued this update

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