Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Spotify launches a new podcast API for developers | Music Ally

Spotify may be booting DJ apps off its music API, but the company is also launching a new API for another part of its business: podcasts.

“Today, we launched a new podcast API for developers. This will allow developers to explore and build unique experiences to help your shows reach new listeners in new ways,” explained Spotify in a blog post aimed at podcasters. “The new podcast API will function in similar ways to our music-related APIs by empowering developers to build unique experiences for listeners that leverages all of the public (and in this case podcast-related) data on Spotify. That means access to show and episode titles, description, and art. It will also allow developers to programmatically search Spotify’s catalog of over 700,000 podcasts and fetch information about shows and episodes. Plus, if listeners grant apps the access, those that are developed using the podcast API could create ways to follow or unfollow podcasts on behalf of a user, see any currently playing podcasts, list the shows that a user has followed, and see how much of a given podcast episode has already been streamed.”

For developers, there’s a more technical blog post here.

Stuart Dredge

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