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Buttigieg Bails | Lefsetz Letter

Next comes Warren.

And shortly thereafter Klobuchar.

Mayor Pete was the great centrist hope, after Biden faded in Iowa and New Hampshire. Pete was gonna bring us together, the overeducated reasonable one who was the voice of the future. But then instead of being warm and fuzzy he was mean and superior in the debates and then he got trounced in South Carolina. I mean come on, the guy’s only been the mayor of South Bend and there were huge racial issues there, did he think he could outrun this, did all the prognosticators believe this wouldn’t come up, that it would be forgotten if known at all?

As for Warren, she’s gonna get trounced in Massachusetts, her home state, she’s got to throw in the towel after that. Maybe, like Richard Nixon losing the governorship of California, she licks her wounds and then comes back four years from now, especially if Bernie doesn’t make it. She’ll only be 74, which is a spring chicken in today’s world.

And did you see the video of the Sanders rally in Boston today?

The youth are on Bernie’s side. And they’re only minting more of them. As for the canard that young people don’t vote, that was yesterday, and now it’s a new day.

Did you read the story about income inequality in today’s “Times”? The guy paid a grand for a Yankee ticket but still was excluded from the club, because he wasn’t sitting in the first row.

When It’s This Easy at the Top, It’s Harder For Everyone Else – America has always known haves and have-nots. But what was a tiered system is morphing into a caste system”

It’s not the same world we grew up in. Never mind the sixties, how about the economic run-up in the nineties? When Clinton cut welfare after believing everybody was moving to the center.

But all were not. Those with money did. How do they put it? “I’m socially liberal, but fiscally conservative.”? How many times have you heard that uttered by Democrats who’ve got too much money and don’t want to part with any of it. Or “independents” who say they’d vote for a Democrat but never do, because of the left’s fiscal policies.

Anybody with any money hates Bernie Sanders.

And most of the youth have no money and no opportunity.

As for Klobuchar, she’ll do well in Minnesota and hang on for a while, but then she’ll cave too.

Which will leave us with the three “B”‘s:

Bernie, Biden and Bloomberg.

Let’s start with Biden. He did well in South Carolina. But the state is dominated by an older African-American demo, and Sanders showed he could get people of color in Nevada. In other words, is all the hoopla of the last twenty four hours irrelevant?

Young people have no time for Biden, they don’t want to return to a past where they’re left out, or given crumbs.

So, Biden did a bit better than he did in the polls, he gave his candidacy some legs, at least in the eyes of the media and the DNC. But in the eyes of the people? No one is enthusiastic about Joe, they’re just afraid of Bernie, and so far fear has not played well in this primary season. Buttigieg tried to scare us about Bernie, the guy he used to laud, and that didn’t work.

As for Bloomberg, like Biden the polls are not in his favor.

But it gets worse, Bloomberg is not only tone-deaf in debates, but in public appearances too.

Read this article:

Michael Bloomberg, a Billionaire Learning on the Job – He joked to a crowd in Denver that he would rather be at his house in Vail, and told people he was excited for ‘Super Bowl Tuesday.” But Mr. Bloomberg is getting a little better at this”

The more he talks, the more out of touch he looks. And despite his advertising campaign, he’s gonna have to talk more, and every time he opens his mouth his numbers go down.

Bloomberg was the candidate of the rich, of the whites of New York City, now that America has gotten a look at the man they just cannot understand what all the hoopla is about. Irascible billionaire who rolls his eyes when he doesn’t hear what he wants to, who said inappropriate things to women, who enforced stop and frisk…if you think this is a winning strategy, you’re one of those socially liberal, fiscally conservative Democrats I mentioned above. And the more that comes out, the worse Bloomberg looks. Come on, the rank and file are gonna support someone who endorsed Howdy Doody, aka George W. Bush? People’s memories are not that short, they remember Bush and his henchman Cheney, they want no part of that. Once again, Bloomberg’s pitch is he built a business and became a billionaire, so he can run the country. Why does everybody believe if you’re rich your skills translate into political acumen. No one believes a doctor makes a good lawyer, or an accountant makes a good hockey player, but somehow billionaires are jacks of all trades?

The math favors Bernie. And he’s gonna do well in California. And the truth is most people are not paying attention to the media, which evidences Bernie hatred every single day, for fear that they too will lose if Bernie gets elected.

Everybody’s protecting what they’ve got. How about those who haven’t got anything? The people who are a paycheck or two away from homelessness, those afraid to go to the doctor to see if they’ve got the coronavirus because they can’t fathom the bill. Come on, you read about that guy who went to the hospital, fearful he might infect others, and it turned out he didn’t have the coronavirus, but he did have a $3270 bill:

Is This Coronavirus ‘the Big One’?

Timing matters.

Right now, Medicare for all looks mighty damn good.

As for the stock market, not only has that tanked, most of the economic run-up did not trickle down to the hoi polloi.

But the media keeps telling us Trump will win because of the economy.

But George H.W. Bush won a war and lost his job the following fall.

All these rules… This is just how the pundit class justifies its jobs. If the past is prologue at all, it’s Trump’s victory in 2016 that is illustrative. People were sick and tired and they wanted a change. But somehow this can’t happen on the Democratic side?

I don’t care if Biden wins the nomination, I’ll vote for him.

But really, he ain’t gonna make it.

And Bloomberg is toast, he’s just so busy spending money he doesn’t realize it yet.

Maybe Sanders won’t cross the delegate threshold to win the nomination. But Sanders is so many people’s second choice, so after everybody drops out, sure, the center will be solidified, but Sanders’ numbers will burgeon.

Of course I can be wrong. This is why you play the game.

But Buttigieg lost the game, as did Steyer with all his money, and Warren and Klobuchar are so far back they seem to be running in a different race.

The truth is, whomever is the President, the problems of this nation will not go away instantly.

And if it’s a Democrat and it’s not Bernie…what are you gonna say to all those young ‘uns? I wouldn’t think there’d be a third party, but when you’re pissed and all the doors have been closed you throw the long ball, that’s how Trump got elected to begin with.

If you want to know what is going on in this election, talk to the people, don’t pay attention to the media spin.

And be sure to talk to some young ‘uns. Ask them if they plan on buying a house, if they even plan to have kids. Ask who is paying attention to them.

When you hit an inflection point, you cannot have one leg in the past and one in the future, you’ve got to go all in. This has been the story of the past twenty five years, radical change, breakthroughs. It’s finally caught up with politics but the usual suspects are denying it.

Ask anybody in the music business. They’ve seen this movie.

But the rest of the world has no time for the music industry, it’s seen as the dumb and dumber, nitwits on parade, who should be ignored. But music trumps cable news, print news, books, it even affects more people than television.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

Or to put it another way, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.


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