Friday, March 6, 2020

Biden/Sanders/Trump | Lefsetz Letter

How many anti-Trump voters are there?

Turns out this primary season was not about the candidates, but Trump. And after the marginal candidates dropped out, after Biden exceeded expectations in South Carolina, the mainstream media spread fear and most Democratic primary voters lined up behind Biden.

This has got nothing to do with what Biden stands for, it’s just that the word has been spread that he’s the best person to beat Trump. That’s what all that “electability” conversation was about over the past year.

In other words, ultimately it hasn’t mattered what anybody has said, the DNC and the mainstream media want to play it safe.

It’s not only the “Times,” but MSNBC too. The channel has moved to the right under Andy Lack, Mr. Rootkit, and all over the web people are agitated about its bias against Bernie Sanders. Which was even referenced today in the “Times” article about Bernie finally going on the channel:

Bernie Sanders Had a Problem With MSNBC. Then Came Super Tuesday.

But it all doesn’t matter. Hell, it doesn’t even matter if Bernie or Biden is ultimately the candidate, because the media and the pollsters don’t have a handle on the mood of the country.

All you read about are the Trump supporters, his approval rating.

But not only were the polls wrong in 2016, but on Super Tuesday too.

In other words, the 24 hour news channels are too deep into it. The minutiae don’t matter, turns out most people hate Trump, and he’s gonna lose in a landslide.


The left has let the right define the debate for decades now. Which is how we ended up with Bumbling Biden. You see after 2016 the left is so scared of the right that it’s afraid to take a risk, it’s afraid to fail, there’s no big thinking allowed, the media and the corporations and the wealthy are spreading this fiction that Trump is an indomitable force, when really he’s a doofus most people abhor. Furthermore, they don’t understand that their failure to stand for anything other than a return to the status quo will bite them in the ass in the future. But for now, any Democrat can win.

Come on, Biden is seen as history, a man who can raise no money, who was disgraced in New Hampshire, but suddenly he cleaned up on Super Tuesday? The man didn’t change, the spin did. The media and the DNC rolled up the African-Americans and other people of color and stated that they’ll only come out for Biden, and if you’re scared of Trump, vote for him.

None of the polls predicted this.

And now in the news it’s a fait accompli that Biden is the candidate.

And yes, Biden will be terrible in the debates, Ukraine will haunt him, his right wing compromises will surface, but it all doesn’t matter, because people hate Trump just that much.

Oh, don’t go deep on me, don’t make it about Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, never mind Florida, people hate Trump EVERYWHERE! And they can’t wait to vote against him. Which is why Biden did so well on Tuesday with very little money. The Democrats circled the wagons and said THIS IS OUR GUY!

And now they’re dealing with Sanders like he’s passe, but they still don’t get it, this election is about Trump, plain and simple.

But the Democratic wankers in Congress, at the DNC, are so caught up in history and polls that they can’t see it. Don’t they understand they’ve got Trump on the run? That Mueller and impeachment and Barr are all set-up for the big fall? The mishandling of the coronavirus wouldn’t be such a big deal for Trump if it didn’t come after the foregoing and Puerto Rico and now you’ve got that Republican judge bringing down Barr? I’ve got to say it one more time… How do you lose a Presidency? Very slowly, then all at once.

That’s today’s world. Things either happen slow or fast. Try breaking your record, good luck, it took Lizzo two years on the same damn album for anybody to notice. But Biden wins in South Carolina and the whole primary season changes. You can’t measure these events, you can’t even predict them, they’re about emotions, feelings in a world of facts. If you want to know what is going on in this world, pull back, the insiders live for the action and suddenly it’s not about the action, and it’s not about the details, it’s about one thing and one thing only…TRUMP!

Oh, you’ll get some advisors saying that’s a bad tack, to go after the man. But when Bozo is wearing no clothes and bouncing off the walls why would you ignore him when everybody notices him?

You’ve got the right wing nutjobs who voted for Trump. The evangelicals who are twisting the Bible, the gun nuts. But you also had people sick and tired of the system. They wanted to put a stick in the spokes. They wanted change.

And Trump did not deliver it.

All we keep hearing about is the economy. The average person doesn’t worry about the economy, but they’re damn worried about losing their job because of the coronavirus.

You’ve got to give the DNC and the media credit for one thing, after South Carolina they got organized. I’m not saying they were right, if they were they’d stop denigrating Sanders’s policies which in truth people want. But they scared the public and made it about Trump, to their credit.

Between the environment and China and Iran Trump is sinking his own ship. All the media does is write about those who agree with him, but most people DON’T!

And if the media had taken Trump seriously back in 2016, there’s no way he would have won, too many voters became complacent, Hillary was gonna win, there was no reason to vote.

I wish there was someone internet-savvy who could run for President, someone who knows how the younger generation really thinks, and how it acts. It wasn’t Buttigieg…the guy who endorsed Sanders in the past and then excoriated him when it became expedient, someone who couldn’t even run his own small town. No, this calls for someone familiar with YouTube, and social networks, someone who really understands how to build consensus amongst a populace that tunes out day to day affairs.

Youngsters have no respect for the game, none. They think D.C. is a joke. And they don’t need a Mueller report to teach them about hacking and privacy and the power of bad actors. Come on, Nigerians are trying to scam them EVERY DAMN DAY!

You’re your own policeman. If you don’t practice good computer hygiene, your computer will soon be overrun with viruses and become unusable. As a matter of fact, I personally know a couple of boomers experiencing this. They’ve given up on their laptops, it’s all phone all the time.

And everybody knows the tech world is run on the iPhone. But that’s not the story we read online, it’s all about finances. But when all the movers and thinkers are on one platform…

If you use an Android and know how to configure it, customize it to your preferences, more power to you, I see no problem in you using this device. But this is a vocal minority, most Android users buy these devices because they’re cheap, or think that a smartphone is really just a phone, quite a dumb one at that. Which is why despite having only a sliver of the market, the iPhone generates all the revenue, in sales, the App Store.

Yes, we find these truths to be self-evident. And there are a zillion truths, which the political industrial system is ignoring as it continues to adhere to business as usual, employing the same damn theories they did in the sixties and seventies, as if tomorrow Bob Seger is gonna rule the charts via vinyl!

No way!

Trump changed the paradigm, he went directly to his base, via Twitter. How brilliant is that! Biden probably thinks Instagram is a way to get candy delivered the same day you order it. In other words, Trump knows more about today than anybody at the DNC and those in punditworld. Trump understands everything is instant, and what is said today is forgotten tomorrow, and that if you don’t cross over the edge now and again no one will ever pay attention to you!

Screw a return to normalcy. You can’t wear jeans to school and your skirt has to cover your knee and your hair must not go over your ears??? God, things change, and you’ve got to change with them!

People don’t care if Bernie went to Russia, if he praises some good things dictators have done. That stuff doesn’t stick anymore! The media is all about canceling people whereas the public forgives, it’s all grist for the mill.

Like the cancellation of Woody Allen’s book. This looks insane to the hoi polloi. The guy is an octogenarian who was vindicated in a court of law but Michael Milken gets a pardon?

I don’t like that Woody married the adopted child of Mia Farrow, but we’re talking about child molestation here, and if we can’t trust a court of law…

It’s just like the Republicans. They’ve made the law irrelevant.

On many levels the Democrats are just as bad. The people fighting these issues ignore the rank and file, who are worried about putting food on their plate and sexual harassment at work. Sure, it’s great that they got rid of the news anchors, but how about my boss?

I mean if you really want to protest Woody Allen’s book, print it and implore people not to buy it. But Hachette is blown sideways by insiders, afraid to offend anyone, meanwhile Trump doesn’t care what anybody thinks and offends people every damn day!

So if these one issue voters can compromise for Biden, how many other people can overlook his faux pas just to get rid of the Orange Menace? MANY!

Make it about Trump. Don’t allow the right to quote polls and talk about the economy, they’re switching the subject.

The real subject in the United States today is how you can’t make it here, which is what Bernie and Elizabeth have spoken about.

But the elites couldn’t cotton to this.

Okay, so let’s play their game, let’s make it very simple, it doesn’t matter who the Democrats nominate because he’s gonna win, because most people want to get rid of Trump!

If you turned off the camera and stopped pontificating and listened you’d know this.

But insiders are always the last to know, they’re too busy protecting their fiefdoms.

Trump is history… BELIEVE IT!


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