Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Debate | Lefsetz Letter

It’s show business folks. And talent is secondary to performance, and Bloomberg performed horribly.

Now what?

Biden and Bloomberg are toast. Biden just doesn’t know it yet, Bloomberg knows it now.

Biden is so out of time, he doesn’t even appear to be at the same debate. He’s like Grandpa Simpson, yelling loudly that he was there, back in the day. Meanwhile, few remember those days and those who do see things differently and when they attack Joe he’s flummoxed. Sure, experience counts, but it’s not everything.

So anybody who knows Bloomberg knows that he’s not a dynamic speaker. Everybody who watched tonight knows Trump would cream Mike in a debate. Mike just can’t get it out. This was a rough and tumble fight, and the person who came out fighting was…

Elizabeth Warren?

Didn’t know she still had it in her. It might be too late for her, but this is the Elizabeth who dominated over the summer who so many got behind, a leader as opposed to a follower. But then she blinked, shut up, adjusted, and fell right out of the spotlight, leaving Bernie Sanders to hoover up her supporters.

Pete Buttigieg? Just plain mean and snarky. Like the kid who is too smart for the class. Furthermore, his campaign seems to be about running out the clock. Trying not to say anything of importance before the nomination process is over.

So… Just like in the music business, you’ve got to grab the audience by the throat right away, make your impression while the public is still watching.

Come on, the debates are silly. Can we stop debating health care? Everybody on stage wants more people covered whereas the Republicans want to take coverage away. Can we put this issue to rest? But no! Being show business, MSNBC and the rest of the TV outlets are looking for headlines, faux pas, anything that can garner eyeballs, sell advertising.

So what tonight was all about was making a good first impression. This is the first debate that meant anything in a long while. And Bloomberg came totally unprepared. It’s not like he was unaware of the lines of attack. Billions don’t buy you a personality, don’t make you a star.

That’s another thing about show business, the talent is different. The string-pullers have contempt for the performers. Oftentimes they’re unreliable, dumb, but when they get on stage they deliver. And the music business is peopled by those who tried to make it, got on stage and could not deliver.

Warren and Sanders delivered.

So now what? When is the DNC gonna capitulate, like the RNC did back in 2016? When is everybody gonna get behind Bernie?

Maybe Elizabeth Warren can come back after this performance, but I doubt it. Bernie owns the youth, he’s winning in all the polls, it looks like he’s gonna be the candidate, and everybody in the media hates this! They’ve been excoriating Bernie ever since Iowa, saying he can’t be the candidate, but it looks like he’s gonna be the one!

When will the DNC own democratic socialism. When will it own Bernie’s platform.

The rank and file got screwed and Bernie wants to right the table. But those who tilted it are gonna suffer, at least a little bit, and they don’t want to.

And they hate Bernie for who he is. They compromised, Bernie has been singing the same damn song for decades.

So what is the Democratic party today? One for the elites, or for those less fortunate?

The only way to win is to focus on the less fortunate, the masses, sometimes unwashed and sometimes uneducated but they’ve got a vote, and there are more of them than there are elites.

This is why you play the game. I knew Bloomberg was bad, but not this bad. Give Donald Trump credit, at least he’s a good performer, no matter how evil or full of crap he might be. You wonder if Mike was ever in a school play, or even the Halloween parade. He made billions of bucks, but he’s got the personality of a plant, how can anybody get excited about him? Who’d even want to invite him to a party?

And he can’t have a personality change, that just does not happen.

Warren got fired up and came out charging. But she’s demonstrated this ability before.

So, Bloomberg is stained with stop and frisk and sexism and he’s too meek to even fight back!

He was the Great Centrist Hope of the intelligentsia. If this is what they believe, they’re clueless, and that’s just the point, they’re out of touch, completely! Biden was a paper tiger and Bloomberg is a slug. They couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag.

We can argue all day whether a centrist can win, but one thing’s for sure, no reasonable centrist candidate has shown up.

So we’ve got Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Really, just Bernie.

The DNC’s worst nightmare, the “New York Times”‘ worst nightmare. The rich’s worst nightmare.

Tonight we learned that money might change everything, but it doesn’t mean you emerge victorious.

Bloomberg bought his way on stage and got mic fright, was totally startled, like a billionaire at the Robin Hood ball who pays to play with the household name performers.

Politics is a job. And at least half of it is entertainment. You’ve got to convince people based on your personality, and Bloomberg has none.

I don’t have an agenda here, just speak to anybody who watched this conflagration, Bloomberg got torched and could not recover.

The DNC rigged it last time so Bernie couldn’t win. What are they gonna do this time?

But one thing’s for sure, the two best candidates to debate Donald Trump are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. That’s now been proven. Let them have at it.

P.S. I didn’t mention Amy Klobuchar, but she was like a Little League starter showing up to compete with the Yankees. She used her folksy b.s., the same stuff that she employed before, the Minnesota Nice, the laying out of her C.V., but homey don’t play that no more. You had to jump into the pit and go for the jugular. She just got into it with Pete, which was like fighting with the third base coach.


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