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TikTok was the world’s second-most downloaded app in 2019 | Music Business Worldwide

ByteDance-owned video sharing app TikTok was the world’s second-most downloaded app in 2019.

TikTok passed Facebook (No.3) and Facebook-owned Messenger (No.4) to rank second globally behind the No.1-most downloaded app, WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook.

That’s according to new figures published by analytics firm Sensor Tower, which also show that TikTok downloads reached an all-time high in Q4 2019, with nearly 220 million installs. This represented a 24% increase over Q3 2019 and 6% growth YoY.

TikTok saw more than 700 million downloads across 2019, reports Sensor Tower (it states that its estimates include worldwide downloads for iPhone, iPad, and Google Play for January 1 through December 31, 2019).

Sensor Tower also reports that TikTok revenue grew 540% YoY in Q4 2019. The analytics firm estimates that TikTok revenue approached $40 million in December 2019 and was the No. 7 app (excluding games) by revenue that month.

The vast majority of that revenue growth came from China, reports Sensor Tower, which adds that the country was responsible for 78% of TikTok’s revenue in Q4 2019. The US was second at 16%.

TikTok downloads on the US App Store grew 83% YoY to nearly 10m in Q4 19.

Meanwhile, 66% of US installs were from the App Store, with 34% from Google Play in Q419. The App Store comprised only 36% of installs in Q4 18.

The app also had its best quarter in Europe on Google Play, according to Sensor Tower, with nearly 25m downloads. Russia, Turkey, and Italy were TikTok’s top European markets for the quarter.

In terms of app publisher rankings, TikTok owner ByteDance soared to the No.3 spot in Q4 19, propelled by its flagship app’s strong quarter. ByteDance ranked outside the Top 5 in Q2 and Q3 2019.

TikTok’s top market for downloads throughout 2019 was India. Brazil was its second largest market in Q4 19.

“When it comes to worldwide downloads, Facebook’s dominance among the top apps was apparent: Facebook published the top four apps in 2016 and 2017,” writes Sensor Tower in the report.

“Over the next two years, only TikTok was able to break into these top positions, demonstrating that it is still possible for new apps to emerge and compete with top social apps by publishers such as Facebook and Snap.”

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