Thursday, January 9, 2020

MGT142: Your Guide To Music PR And Spotify With The Indie Bible – David Wimble | Dotted Music

David Wimble started The Indie Bible over 20 years ago as a way to help independent artists across genres get their music reviewed and promoted.

David Wimble about Indie Spotify Bible

Indie Bible

Finding receptive resources and contacts that will actually make a difference for your music and give you the exposure you need can be tricky. The Indie Bible has your back with the directory of over 7,000 radio stations and music blogs, as well as 3,000 Spotify Playlists and 2,400 booking agents.

In this episode of Music Growth Talks, David goes over the daunting task of pitching your music to curators as an independent artist, making the most of The Indie Bible, and getting placements on Spotify playlists. He also shares the story behind the directory, the benefits of its digital format today, and how you can make new real connections that’ll matter for your music.

Listen to the show in full to learn how they’re keeping the directory fresh and up-to-date, and to hear David’s thoughts on when you need (and do not) to follow-up with the curators.

You can listen to today’s episode at or below:

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