Monday, January 6, 2020

Low-Budget Musician: How To Use Your Phone To Create And Share Music | Music Think Tank

Making music can be incredibly expensive. With many musicians shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to have their songs professionally recorded and produced, most musicians hope to find more cost-effective ways to make music. If you’re looking for more affordable methods to make music, consider using your phone. With the following tips, you can share and create music from your smartphone:

Record Melody Ideas with a Voice Recorder

Having a smartphone makes it easier than ever to start making your own music. The minute an idea for a melody pops into your head, pull out your phone and use the voice recorder. While most phones have a voice recorder built into them, you can download an app specifically for recording songs.

With a voice recorder you can easily record your voice anywhere you are. After recording, you can go back to your song idea at any time and later upload it into your favorite music editing software on your computer.

Write Down Music on Your Phone

If you’re a talented songwriter, don’t hesitate to take your skills on the road. Songwriting is an important part of the music creation process and now your smartphone can help you do just that. With Notes, GoogleDocs, or any similar application, you can easily write down any passing thought you have in your head.

In addition to writing these lyrics down, many songwriters enjoy writing sheet music as well. If this is something that you’re interested in, there are several apps like Pro Chords and Chordbot that give you a chance to dig a little deeper with your songwriting. Whether you’re writing a simple melody or the next big orchestral hit, your phone can help you achieve all of these things.

Record Music Videos with Your Camera

Phone video quality has come a long way. With the latest iPhones capable of taking 4k video at 60 frames a second, many famous superstars are giving up professionally shot music videos for ones taken on their phones. If your phone has video capabilities, consider this option for your next music videos.

Many musicians even keep an extra phone just to shoot their music videos. If you have an out-of-use iPhone, take it to a phone repair shop to restore its camera capabilities. This way, you’ll always have your own photography studio at your fingertips.

Technology makes it easier than ever to make music with your phone. With the aforementioned tips and apps, you can make music without any expensive equipment that traditional music-making requires.


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