Thursday, January 30, 2020

Impeachment | Lefsetz Letter

And you wonder why Bernie Sanders is rising in the polls.

Now let me get this straight, up is down. If I’m doing it in pursuit of the general happiness, it’s all right, I can skate. Does this mean if I’m doing it for my team, my corporation, my household, it’s cool too?

Now law school teaches you that everybody is entitled to a defense. And the attorney must be an advocate for the defendant. But by claiming a President can do whatever he wants if he believes it benefits the country, because he believes he’s the best person to be in charge and no action he partakes is illegal, Alan Dershowitz not only tarnished his reputation, but that of Donald Trump too, as if it could get any lower.

Check the late night shows, check the media, they’re laughing hysterically, making fun of this defense. Did it behoove Trump’s case? Of course not, just the opposite!

Welcome to 2020, where money rules and if you don’t have it you don’t matter. That’s another reason Bernie is surging, he’s not taking usual suspect money, from the banks, from the corporations, and when he’s attacked, his donations go up! You see Bernie Sanders is our last best hope.

Oh, I know, you’ve triangulated, you’re an expert in the field, so you know better.

Then how come your business was disrupted by the internet, how come you didn’t see Trump’s election coming?

So, you can cheat and get away with it.

Bill Clinton.

Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Lori Loughlin.

The Houston Astros.

Furthermore, you lie in court. The oath? It means nothing! What kind of bizarre world do we live in where the flag gets more respect than the duty to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

I get it, I get it. You’re a Trumper. You want takers to be cut off and you want manufacturing to come back to America and you’re no different from the cheaters above, if it’s good for the team, you’re all for it.

Where’s morality?

Which, ironically, is what the Trumpers and the Christian Right keep telling the lefties they lack!

So Bernie Sanders is our only hope.

It’s funny. The mainstream media is freaking out. They’re talking about “Bernie Bros,” uncontrollable acolytes who will say and do anything in defense of their candidate. Remind you of someone? A TRUMP FAN!

But passion is irrelevant to those in charge.

So the other night, Michelle Goldberg wrote that it can’t be Bernie, after Ezra Klein posited that Democrats must appeal to centrists, but not Republicans.

Both of these opinion pieces were in the “New York Times.”

And Krugman and Brooks have weighed in too. AND THEY’VE BEEN EXCORIATED!

I never read the comments. Then David Krebs told me he did and now I check them out.

So, just after Goldberg’s screed posted, there were already 304 comments, nearly all supporting Bernie.

And by the next day, when comments were in four digits, we had the usual three columns: the endless scroll of comments, and those picked by readers and those picked by the “Times” itself. The readers picked pro-Bernie comments, overwhelmingly. But the “Times”? It picked a ton of anti-Bernie screeds.

Everybody is protecting what they’ve got. The media has cozied up to the power brokers, the rich, the CEOs, a cabal not including you, and they don’t want that investment threatened.

And those with any cash? They’re afraid they’re gonna lose some. Their health care is gonna go away. Once again, these are the same people who were disrupted by twentysomethings online, don’t they realize change is inevitable, that you can’t hold back the tide and you’re best off swimming with it?

So Biden is so full of b.s. he can’t even get it out.

Buttigieg moved to the center because he was getting no traction on the left.

Warren was gung-ho, the leader, until she succumbed to the blowback and compromised. To live outside the law you must be honest. And she wasn’t.

But Bernie has been…FOR DECADES!

Who you gonna believe in?

Not musicians.

Let’s see, I’m gonna listen to Billie Eilish who was home-schooled, lives in a bubble and has finally reached 18? She’s got no experience!

That canard about the youth leading, OK Boomer, the truth is the country is being led by said boomers and Gen-X’ers. And Millennials who are in their thirties. They’re experienced, they’ve seen the movie.

As for movies… Believe me, a superhero isn’t gonna fly down from the sky to save us, no way.

As for Elon Musk, the bears must bite him, because electric cars are a bad idea and if we can’t pollute we’re un-American.

Are you getting this nonsense?

It’s being fed to us each and every day. And people at home are scratching their heads.

But it’s worse than that. They feel powerless.

So, you’re number two in your class, and just before the valedictorian speaks you find out they cheated. Do you blow the whistle or let it slide?

That’s what the Republicans are doing with Bolton, they want us to let it slide.

As for executive privilege… In a world where there’s no privacy, one guy is above the law? And can I now refuse to show my receipts when audited by the IRS? Oh, that’s right, the odds are extremely low, because the IRS has been hobbled, the rich don’t like it.

We can’t see Trump’s tax returns because he’s being audited. But isn’t he President? Couldn’t he speed up the process?


Because it’s all a lie.

And we’ve been lied to ad infinitum.

It’s not only the government, but the corporations. Climate change is a hoax, smoking is harmless, whatever puts cash in my coffers is cool.

I get it, I get it, you don’t want an election overruled. Let’s wait until November. Then why have an impeachment clause at all? What is it for?

Ever hear that you can lose by winning?

That’s what the Republicans are doing here, that’s why they got beaten in 2018. If you push it too far, there’s a cost.

But not according to the media establishment, insiders, they think they rule, that the game is forever.

And that game is not working for the hoi polloi, either the right or the left.

Of course it’s the economy, stupid. It’s not working for so many.

As for not believing Bolton, with firsthand knowledge, then who can we believe, nobody?

As for the word if you vote against McConnell, you’ll have your head on a pike, isn’t this what the sixties revolution was all about, a backlash to groupthink?

I thought in the good ole’ U.S.A. we lauded the rugged individual. NOT IN CONGRESS!

So, Bernie is gonna go all the way. And either you’re on his team or you’re not. This is the left’s chance to throw a spanner in the works.

Everything happens slowly in the social media age. You can’t get the word out.

Sanders laid the groundwork in 2016, and he’s reaping the rewards today.

It does not matter what naysayers say. You see voting is private, no one knew all those people were up for Trump.

As for nothing having changed under Trump…try getting an abortion, watch while your significant other gets deported.

But everyone believes if you say it it’s true. And if you say it enough, people will stop paying attention, they will be defeated.

So there’s one last chance to save our democracy. This is the Hail Mary.

It is not business as usual.

Not only the right can rise up.

But you’ve got to be angry, you’ve got to have passion, you’ve got to have a leader.

We’ve heard empty promises our whole lives. Meanwhile, our infrastructure falls apart, the rich cheat to get into college, but we’re supposed to accept it.

Same as it ever was.

But NO!

The Sanders tsunami is the story of 2020. Unforeseen, an unstoppable juggernaut. Sanders has the cash and the believers. You don’t fight today’s battles on TV, that’s so last century. Today it’s all about one to one, which cannot be measured by Nielsen.

If Trump is acquitted, it’s only going to light further fires under the Bernie banner.

Just you watch.


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