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Different Ways You Can Enhance Your SEO in 2020 (And Beyond) | Evolvor Media

There are many reasons why you have to utilize appropriate keywords and build effective link-building strategies if your aim is to create helpful, engaging, and relevant content for your website. And, that’s what search engine optimization or SEO is all about.

You can increase traffic, brand awareness, and engage with your target audience using SEO optimized content. This way, you are convincing people to avail your products and services through building organic traffic and ranking high in search engines, like Google.

In this post, you’ll learn the different ways you can enhance your SEO so you can make the best SEO decisions for your website.

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Create an SEO-friendly Website

Keeping SEO in mind during the early stages of the web design process helps enhance your search engine ranking. It’s important to practice balancing long form content and website design for SEO purposes. Your web design should focus on creating a user-friendly website using directional tools, such as call-to-action buttons, easy-to-access menu options, and helpful hyperlinks.

Here are some helpful SEO tips to improve your web design:

  • Make Site Navigation Search Engine Friendly: Avoid using Flash if you don’t know how to make it web-crawler-friendly. You can use CSS and JavaScript for fancy effects without compromising your search engine ranking.
  • Create Easy-to-read Web Content: Your site’s content is what Google and other search engines primarily use to rank your website. Search engine spiders or chatbots should be able to read your web content easily. Make sure that your content has a good structure, and must include relevant titles, headings, subheadings, links, and paragraphs.
  • Block or Remove Unwanted Web Pages: Search engines are picky on web pages they crawl, so you have to block or remove web pages that don’t add value. Some examples include web pages you used in testing your web designs when you were still building your website, like the staging web page.


Audit Your SE

One way to make sound SEO decisions for your website is to audit your SEO. Identifying your best practices and knowing your opportunities will help enhance your search engine ranking.

When auditing your SEO, you should take a look at your website architecture, content structure, and your relevant SEO metrics, such as the following:

  • Click-through Rate: The best indicator of SEO quality is the organic click-through rate. It’s a straightforward metric that tells you how many times your web page has been clicked, as well as the impressions or number of views it has received.
  • Organic Traffic: It pertains to all your website visitors from search engines brought about by your blog or content, and not through paid sources, like paid PPC ads. You can view the overall organic traffic in your account with Google Analytics, under Organic Search.
  • Bounce Rate: It refers to the number of single web page sessions or the number of people who left your website without taking any action (such as signing in to your newsletter or visiting another page).

Adopt Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI has been considered to be the future of many businesses when it comes to marketing and customer engagement. Every website owner should know the importance of using AI to inform SEO decisions.

AI can help enhance not just your search engine ranking but also customer satisfaction. By being aware of effective SEO strategies incorporated with AI technology as evidenced in your AI-based or automated voice-activated content, you’ll be able to create a very powerful tool to outshine your competitors.

Make Your Website SEO Mobile Optimized

Every website owner should prioritize SEO mobile optimization. Most online shoppers or general consumers use mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices, to order goods and set up appointments for different services.

That’s why it’s important to align your website with mobile technology to be easily seen on mobile screens. You can study a basic web design course or hire a trusted web designer to emphasize or enhance your SEO mobile optimization.

Add Value to Your Content

When creating web content, you have to focus not only on the keywords, anchor texts, and links, but also on the added value to your audience. And, that is what content marketing is all about. Is it helpful, relevant, and engaging? You can diversify your web content, such as creating any of the following:

  • High-resolution images
  • Inspiring videos
  • Infographics or text-based graphic content
  • Interview podcasts or audio files
  • Press releases
  • Guides or tutorials



Enhancing your SEO will give your website and business tons of benefits, like improved traffic, more leads, more opportunities to engage with your customers, and higher sales. That’s why you have to perform SEO audit regularly so you can retain the best SEO practices and change methods that are not effective or appealing to search engines. Also, you have to make your website user-friendly and SEO mobile optimized to increase brand awareness and reach more potential customers.

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