Thursday, January 9, 2020

5 Tips For Improving Your Home Sound System | Music Think Tank

If you have a sound system for your home, there are ways that you can improve the sound quality so that you’ll be able to hear your favorite music with greater clarity. Some of these improvements won’t require you to invest in other equipment pieces and can still make a big difference in how you hear. By following these five tips, you’ll be able to take your listening experience with your home sound system to a whole new level.

Change Your Speaker Setup

The way that you’ve arranged your speakers can affect the way that you hear the sound. You might get better sound quality from your sound system by simply rearranging your speakers in an equilateral triangle setup. This setup can help prevent soundwave overlaps or delays. You can also improve sound by making sure that your left and right speakers are placed at an equal distance from each other. Experimenting with different speaker setups to find the “sweet spot” that’s right for your home may also give you great results.

Buy New Headphones

If you listen to music from your sound system regularly through headphones, improving the sound quality could be as simple as getting new headphones. Some of the best headphones in today’s market are compatible with different types of sound systems. You may even be able to find a pair of wireless headphones that can work well with your home sound system.

Fix Old or Damaged Components

Certain parts of your sound system may be outdated, damaged or faulty in their manufacturing, which could be the reason why your sound isn’t coming out with maximum clarity. Repairing or replacing wires, switches or receivers can give you the sound that you want.

Improve Room Acoustics

The acoustics in a room greatly impact the way that you hear music. One of the easiest ways to improve the acoustics is by moving furniture away from the wall and toward the center of the room. An area rug that’s placed on a wood floor can also promote better acoustic quality.

Change Streaming Service Settings

If you use an online streaming service to listen to music through your home sound system, you should examine the program’s settings closely to make sure they’re at ideal levels. A few simple tweaks to the settings might greatly enhance the way that you hear sound coming from your system. Increasing the bit rate in your settings can change sound for the better. Modes and switches should also be checked to make sure that the correct ones are turned on and off.

Your home sound system doesn’t necessarily need a complete overhaul to improve its quality. With these few simple modifications, you can possibly get the excellent sound quality that you desire to make at-home entertainment more enjoyable.


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