Friday, December 20, 2019

The Need For Cybersecurity In Streaming Services | Music Think Tank

The growth of technology in our lives has offered us many amazing benefits. We are able to connect and share information with people all over the world in a breeze. We have knowledge on just about any topic at our fingertips. Tasks such as depositing checks into the bank or paying bills no longer require a physical trip anywhere.

Beyond that, for many young musicians, technology has provided an easy means to get new music out there. Now more than ever before, it is possible for quality music to be discovered and develop a following — it still takes a lot of luck to make it big, but the odds are slightly more in your favor. And for those interested in finding smaller groups that are making incredible sound, sometimes all it takes is a quick search online.

All of these things are great, but there are some substantial drawbacks as well. The first and foremost of which are the cybersecurity risks associated with any sort of online endeavor. There are all sorts of different types of cybercrimes out there, and the number of incidents is steadily growing. This means that in order to be successful using things like music streaming services to get your music out into the world, there need to be some precautions taken.

A Growing Problem

As previously mentioned, cyberattacks are on the rise in nearly every aspect of our online economy and even within government bodies. Experts believe that over half of all companies have experienced some sort of cyberattack every year. A new hack is estimated to take place every 39 seconds, and personal attacks impact roughly one in three Americans yearly.

Nearly 43 percent of cyberattacks will target small businesses and those that are just starting to turn a profit by making their dream a reality. This is largely because small business owners and new entrepreneurs often don’t have the tech-intel nor the funds to set up a full-fledged cybersecurity system to protect themselves, making them easy targets. These data breaches are not cheap, either, and can be the difference between a business idea succeeding and failing.

Unfortunately, the professionals needed to help combat this growing problem just aren’t there. Many companies are just now coming to grips with the need for a dedicated cybersecurity branch, and even those companies that have been on the ball have struggled to fill positions with qualified professionals. There are actually hundreds of thousands of unfilled cybersecurity positions across the U.S.

Security in Streaming Services

Streaming services, especially the major ones that nearly every average Joe/Jane is using, are particularly fruitful targets for hackers and others attempting to steal online information. One study estimated that streaming services were attacked over 30 billion times in the last year alone. Think about it — with nearly every citizen attached to at least one streaming service or social media account (think Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Pandora, Netfilx, etc.), hackers stand to get their hands on a lot of personal information.

Hacking influencers within social media accounts and streaming services allows hackers to reach a wider audience from a trusted perspective. They have the potential to do a profound amount of damage before they are caught. And when they are noticed, it can be just as easy for them to disappear altogether without paying for any of the consequences.   

With that said, while smaller streaming services that are not quite so big-name can offer a lot of benefits both to those creating and putting out new music and fans that are eager to get away from the mainstream, because of the smaller nature of these services, it is worth doing some extra checking around to make sure your information is secure. These smaller services may forego some of the expenses associated with data security in order to make a profit, especially when considering their smaller size.

Protecting Yourself

There is certainly a fair amount of risk you are accepting simply by putting your music online. For instance, should your information be stolen on a streaming service, your intellectual property could end up in someone else’s hands. As an artist, it is important to understand your rights when it comes to your music and its release onto the internet, no matter what.

There are several things you can do as a music lover to help protect yourself from cybercriminals. For instance, make sure you complete all of the security updates that are put out by whatever streaming service you are using. Likewise, keep an updated security package on your personal devices and follow basic internet safety suggestions like not clicking on sketchy links.

Experts also suggest that you do your research when it comes to online services — don’t expect things to be free without some sort of hidden cost. Furthermore, be careful when using public networks, which are easier for hackers to set traps in and steal information. Consider using a VPN when you travel and definitely back up any music you’re creating in a secure location.

Technology is most certainly a double-edged sword — we have more power at our fingertips than ever before, but that also puts us at a far greater risk than ever before, as well. Cybercrimes are on the rise, especially within the streaming world and social media industries. Protecting yourself and your intellectual property online is crucial. 


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