Friday, December 6, 2019

Music Education (Or The Lack Thereof) In The US. | Music Think Tank

A Brief Survey of the Value of Music & Music Education

Passing thought on the Decline of Music Education with a quote from

 Thought Leader & Industry Innovator, M Dallas Wright

Music is so often overlooked and insulted- its sickening to me really. I resent that the world’s general idea or stereotype about a Musician, about the Artist. Their art and craft sometimes sneered upon and looked down upon as if we were all merely jesters or solely there for entertainment. I cannot do enough to urge the need for a swift shift away from that illogical way of thinking, not to mention ignorant.
At the end of the day, we live in a world (or a country) where music is mocked, laughed at, and even despised by some folks. Theres nothing wrong with that,  everyone is entitled their own beliefs…but this is not a matter of beliefs, opinions, or even preference.

This is based on sheer science and exact measurements which have been observed, tested, and measured time and time again.  

 Surely you may be puzzled by this and wondering how the two might be correlated; what does science have to do with beliefs and music?

Well, the thing is- this particular science is called Music Theory, and the facts are that the physics of music and the measurement of its characteristic and properties, all point clear correspondence to every facet of life.

Down to the very most intricate fundamentals and rudimentary principles, Music Theory can effectively explain all phenomena  and possibilities.


 Just stop and fathom that statement for a moment.


Without listing the countless implications that holds in regards to why music should thereby be the most important subject of study in any classroom, I will follow that up by sharing that with all that being considered, I will always strive to continue learning every single day, regardless how old I become…

I have had the opportunity to learn all over the world, in unique places about abstract and diverse things. Even with as much as I have learned throughout my life, I’ll admit that I may not know much about anything at all. Maybe.

Albeit the one thing I do know - without question- is that if a conversation is being held somewhere about whether or not to

“cut the budget spending for Music Education,” then our education system must not be as truly educational as previously imagined, is it?”



- M Dallas Wright

Founder, MDW Design LTD


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