Thursday, December 19, 2019

Impeachment | Lefsetz Letter

At what point does America break?

There’s this canard that the Constitution will keep us together.

Ironically, it’s the Constitution that’s keeping us apart.

I thought it would be the unavailability of abortion. But despite one clinic in states, despite all the anti-abortion laws, the left has been strangely silent.

I guess that’s because you can still easily get an abortion in elite, blue states.

And there you have it right there, the elite.

When the hoi polloi start denigrating education, you know we’ve lost.

Not that the elite are blameless. They embraced the inevitable globalization but left those negatively affected by it without a safety net.

Ironically, those who lost their jobs are anti-safety net. If you can explain that to me…

Up is down and down is up.

I was for impeachment. How many times can Trump break the law and disregard the Constitution.

But I know the right doesn’t see it that way. I know that primarily because of what comes into my inbox.

So, where’s hope?

Why obey the law?

Then again, with cameras everywhere, it’s the poor who get nailed while the rich go scot-free with their white collar crimes.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The Wall was supposed to fall and harmony and democracy were supposed to reign. But now Trump can’t stop lauding Putin and for those of us who grew up in the fifties and sixties, when Russia was our mortal enemy, we’re left scratching our heads at best.


Let’s say Trump loses in 2020. Bill Maher keeps positing that he won’t leave office. Sounds ridiculous until you look at that governor in Kentucky who refused to accept the vote, and when he did pardoned the unpardonable, in volume.

As for the election process itself…every day sees a new article questioning the integrity of voting machines. So, if you lose, and you have power, and control the military…

The right has defined the debate and circled the wagons while the left has been nearly asleep. Raising their hands and shaking their fists while doing next to nothing.

Yup, the right wing used the Federalist Society to groom right wing judges and right wing administrations installed them.

As for McConnell refusing Obama a Supreme Court pick…there you go, the black man afraid of looking angry didn’t go bonkers, unlike the white man Trump.

Then the right wing politically assassinated Hillary Clinton. And now Joe Biden. Biden’s the loser in this whole Ukrainian kerfuffle. Trump will go free and Biden, if nominated, starts with one foot already in the grave, and I’m not talking about his age.

But let’s say a Democrat wins the Presidency, then what? Do you think Trump, Fox News and Redville are going to accept this? NO!

If you think the big issue is Newsom standing up to Trump, as BTO said, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

But BTO is from Canada, which is dealing with its own right wing insurgence, but it was fought off and there’s national health care and more freedom than in the U.S. and…

Down here we must be free. Free to starve, free to go broke from medical bills, free not to help our neighbor, free to live the American Dream even though statistically it exists more in Canada and Europe than it does in the U.S.

So, tribalism rules.

Contrary news has been neutered. Talk to someone on the right, if it’s in the “New York Times” or the “Washington Post” it must be disregarded.

So if you can’t agree on the facts…

And we haven’t been able to agree on those facts for a long time.

So how did we get here?

Well, income inequality, which was a result of Ronald Reagan’s policies and the right wing anti-tax strategy. Trickle down my ass.

But Reagan is a national hero! Yup, the Republicans went on a campaign to name every edifice and highway in his name. Talk about disinformation.

And then you have the increase in anti-Semitism, all that white nationalism…they love Trump, he’s one of them and he speaks for them. At what point does the left crack and stand up?

Not after they shoot up a pizza parlor.

Not after they kill a woman in Charlottesville.

The left stands by as if the rule of law will save them, ain’t that a laugh.

The right has circled the wagons, gotten behind Trump even though he doesn’t represent traditional Republican values. Meanwhile, the left is busy arguing amongst itself, while the Electoral College allows those with a smaller share of the popular vote to become President.

I think the crack will come from the right. As it did during the Civil War.

And it took the south’s defense of slavery for Lincoln to act.

As for the announcement of the Lincoln Project…read the comments, they’re not swaying those on the right.

We keep on hearing that it can’t happen here.

But it will.


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