Friday, December 13, 2019

How To Protect Your Musical Instruments | Music Think Tank

We love our instruments, but if you’re a professional musician, they can take up a lot of space. Putting the ones that you’re not using in storage is an option, but only if you’re taking steps to keep them safe since they do represent a significant investment, not to mention your livelihood.  How can you protect your instruments if you need to put them into storage?
Clean Them First
No matter what you play, all of your instruments can benefit from a good cleaning before you put them in storage. Take the time to clean off any dirt, dust, and debris that might have built up from regular use. For wooden instruments, use paste and resin to wax the surfaces. 
Disassemble anything that has removable parts, and relax the strings on guitars and other string instruments. Keeping your instruments clean should be a regular practice but if they’re going into storage, a thorough cleaning can prevent dirty or oily fingerprints from damaging the instruments or becoming a permanent feature on its surface. 
Just In Case
Unless you’re storing a piano or other large instrument too big to fit inside a protective case, everything in your storage should be in a case.  Cases don’t just make it easier to carry your instrument — they can protect them from dust, the elements, and pests that might decide that your expensive violin or cello would make the perfect snack or nest. For large instruments like pianos, opt for a cover to keep dirt and dust from settling on surfaces. 
Keep Your Home Secure
Music instruments are expensive and if they’re in good shape, they also have a high resale value. This makes them a popular target for thieves, so you need to make it a point to keep your home or apartment secure. Always lock your doors and windows and — if you’re a homeowner — consider fencing in your property with an entrance gate to beef up your security.  Most thieves are looking for targets of opportunity.  They’re not generally going to go after your instrument collection if you make their jobs difficult. 
Mind Your Dust
If you use an electric guitar or any other electronic instrument, there is one enemy that you need to be aware of — dust. Dust build-up can be fatal for delicate electronic components, and dust will be a problem if you’re not using them for any length of time. Cases can help but for anything that doesn’t have a case, invest in dust covers to protect delicate components.
Finally, Check On Them Often
Finally, once you’ve put your instruments in storage, make it a point to check on them often — especially after severe weather or another natural disaster.  If you’re using a storage facility instead of keeping the instruments in your home, make sure you find a gated facility and, if it’s in your budget, opt for a climate-controlled storage unit to protect against extreme temperatures and humidity. Musical instruments are an investment, so don’t take their protection for granted, even when they’re in storage. 

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