Monday, November 25, 2019

Vevo Artists To Watch 2020: Lilly, Riles, Cautious Clay, Arlo Parks & Guyanaa | Music Business Worldwide

MBW’s presentation of Vevo’s 2020 Artists To Watch list continues with…


Justin Prager, Senior Director, Music Programming, says: “LIILY is one of those bands that you can’t quite pinpoint when it comes to their sound. One minute they’re melodic alt, the next they’re full-on noise rock.

“That’s the beauty of them. They represent a new Southern California musical esthetic: Loud and brash mixed with a gentle touch. LIILY is helping to draw up the blueprint for what the next decade of guitar-driven music will look like.”


“Rilès is a UFO in the French rap landscape. His energy and DIY spirit make him a completely unmissable act in 2020,” says Emmylou Prevett, Lead C&P Manager

Cautious Clay

Parul Chokshi, Senior Director, Talent Booking, says: “To fully understand the musical genius of Cautious Clay, you must see him perform. He plays multiple instruments including saxophone, flute, guitar, keys, drums, and probably more that we have yet to see.

“His genre blending music is so unique and beautifully crafted. For an artist this brilliant, the sky’s the limit and he is only getting started.

“We’re proud to name Cautious Clay as a DSCVR Artist to Watch in 2020, you won’t want to miss this.”

Arlo Parks (pictured Main)

Alex Morley, Manager, Music & Talent, says: “Arlo Parks is the new sound of emo and we absolutely love her.

“The 19-year old poet and singer-songwriter creates intimate, lo-fi pop music that deals with  delicate issues including identity, anxiety and growing up in the modern world. Her voice has an unmistakable soulful tone that seamlessly takes fans from tender heartbreak to uplifting grooves.

“We love Arlo and genuinely can’t wait to watch her evolve as an artist with a great management (Beatnik) and label (Transgressive) team behind her in 2020.”


Jim Macnie, Senior Producer, Editorial says: “Sing about sex in a fun way and you just might go from zero to hero.

“That’s kinda what happened to Guaynaa. The Puerto Rican upstart’s “ReBoTa” was an irresistible track that brought risqué lyrics to lots of listeners.

“But it did it with a smile on its face and a wink in its eye, in the process earning itself a crazy number of Spotify streams and YouTube views. The 26-year-old Caguas native and Tego Calderón fan, who earned props early on for a satiric freestyle indictment about the Hurricane Maria tragedy, has hit the ground running from there, bringing his infectious charisma to a string of tracks that proves he’s here to stay.

“When he arrived at our Brooklyn studio for Artists To Watch performances of “Chicharrón” and “Buyaka,” he was electric. Keep a close eye on this one.”Music Business Worldwide


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