Thursday, November 28, 2019

MGT140: Mental Wellness & Coping Techniques For The Music Industry – Katie Zaccardi | Dotted Music

Katie Zaccardi is a wellness and career coach for women in music, as well as host of The Out to Be podcast, focused around mental health & self-care in the music industry. She’s also a songwriter, artist, and certified yoga instructor.

Katie Zaccardi

Katie Zaccardi

On this Music Growth Talks episode, Katie shares her personal journey after being diagnosed with anxiety, and explains why we have to change our mindset around the “starving musician” stereotype and the misconception that in order to be successful you must work hard all the time. She then talks about finding triggers and coping mechanisms if you suffer from anxiety, depression, bipolar, or other mental disorders. Katie also shows how you can take care of yourself through time management and a wellness routine.

Listen to the episode in full to see if musicians are more prone to suffer from anxiety and depression or not, and to learn practical techniques for avoiding a burnout.

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