Saturday, November 9, 2019

4 Types Of Speakers To Consider For A Home Studio Space | Music Think Tank

There are three criteria you need to consider when shopping for your speakers for your home recording studio. First, you need to pick one brand name. Second, you need to pick a brand that has a great reputation. Finally, you should not be paying more than $2,000 for speakers. Industry experts suggest that paying more than $2,000 is throwing money away. Here are four types of speakers to consider investing in. 


Yamaha HS8


The Yamaha HS8 is one of the more popular brands you will find shopping online. It combines modern and classic in a durable way. It has improved performance compared to the others sold on the market. It is very cheap compared to its counterparts. You can also choose between a 5 and 7-inch cone.


Event 20/20 BAS


The Event 20/20 BAS is the next brand on the list. You might have heard of this one before. It was originally produced in 1995. That was more than 27 years ago. This option has also been given a reboot, combining old and new together.


The difference is that it has half of the original THD and twice the power of the original. Not bad for something that has been around for close to 3 decades.


The wattage is now up to 250 horsepower. That is very impressive for monitors of this size and magnitude. These speakers were also used on Legendary Quincy Jones’s 1996 album.


Adam Audio A7X


The Adam Audio A7X is the third one on the list. The company first started in 1999. There are 3 types you can choose from, including the Budget F Series. The specs will produce sound well beyond a person’s natural ability to hear. The front ports also provide wonderful placement in smaller rooms.


Some people say the Adam Audio is not very pretty to look at. However, it is the quality and sound that matters most. In other words, do not judge a book by its cover.


Genelec M040


The Genelec M040 is one of the more high-end models on the list. The one disadvantage of every model in the M Series is the price. However, the manufacturers have made it possible for the average person with an average income to afford it.


Your music is only as good as the equipment you use to record it. Do your research and find the best speakers for you. 



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