Thursday, October 3, 2019

How To Promote Your Music And Grow Your Fan Base | Music Think Tank

You are fond of music and want to make your name in the music business. That’s a good thing, but in today’s music industry, talent and uniqueness alone is not enough to reach on the top. If you want to stand out from the crowd and gain recognition, you have to figure out your strengths. Many aspiring musicians are finding it hard to gain name recognition and fame in music industry. You cannot get them only on the basis of talent and uniqueness. You need to express your skills and target the right audience.

How to Market Your Music Independently?

Succeeding in the modern music industry is not that easy. The competition is tough out there, with millions of people struggling to get on the top. However most of these people do not have any idea how to market themselves or their music in an effective way. They prepare song after song with the hope that it will gain popularity and go viral. This may happen to you also. So instead, make your own identity by learning different music marketing tactics.

Here is a list of significant music marketing strategies to get you started. Let’s have a look:

  1. Use Social Media Effectively: Today most of the market has shifted online, and if you are not taking advantage of various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you are losing many opportunities. These are great platforms for promoting your music to the maximum number of people across the world. Through these channels, you can connect with like minded people and also your targeted audience.

  2. Conduct Live Music Promotion: Everything has become digital, but that does not mean that person-to-person interaction has lost its value. After all, many musicians these days create quality music, release it, and promote it by playing live for an audience. You can also do it online using tools like Facebook Live, but nothing could be better than personal interaction with the audience. It is the best way to grow your fan base.

  3. Perform With Established Personalities: Though you may be a talented musician and play well by yourself, to reach the maximum number of people and create your fan base, you must approach the established artists in your field already having a following, otherwise people will not take you seriously. Working with established artists is the great way to attract a larger audience. You can always check out their social media reach out to them.

  4. Focus on Content Also: In the music industry, it does not matter what you say, rather how you say it. So you better be careful in using the right lyrics and words in your music that hit directly in the heart of audiences and make them connect with you. People always want something new, not the same thing in different words. So try to be unique with your written content. 

  5. Promote Via Email: Your email is an effective tool to promote your music. You can use your email list to market yourself and grow your fan base. If someone signed up for your mail, it means that they want to hear from you, so take advantage of it.  Just remember to include links in your email. Through the email list, you can let your fans know about your latest album or current updates etc. You can also send blogs to your fan base when you have any new content.

In Summing Up

By applying these tactics, you can have a great influence on your audience and build your image. As soon as your fan base grows, each fan will start recognizing you and your work. Image is more important in the modern music industry, so keep following these tips.



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