Monday, October 14, 2019

Demonization | Lefsetz Letter

The Democrats are so dumb. They let the Republicans define the debate.

Now the offender is California. It’s an uninhabitable wasteland filled with homeless that has no affordable housing. Taxes are high and the state is about to crater. THEN WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE LIVING HERE?

The homeless problem is a national one. Tracing back to Carter deinstitutionalizing the mentally ill and Reagan cutting the support for those released. Furthermore, as a result of the evisceration of social services (did you read the article in today’s WSJ that Arkansas cut the Medicaid of those not working and 18,000 now have no insurance even if they’re chronically ill?) people can’t make it here, never mind going bankrupt as a result of health issues.

Screw ’em. That’s what the right says.

But these are in Republican states, not California.

Why are rents so high in San Francisco? Because everybody wants to move there for the opportunity, you can make so much money in tech. They’re not moving to the hinterlands.

Is it tough to make it in the city today?

OF COURSE! It’s like making it in Hollywood, it’s always been this way.

Or, should I say try finding an apartment for $500 in Manhattan. No can do. Why? Because the rich got richer because of low/no taxes.

As for the homeless in Los Angeles…THEY MOVED HERE FOR THE WEATHER! They’re smarter than those living in dying areas as their income goes down, but as a result of predatory lending they now owe more than their house is worth and they can’t afford to move. But you need to blame the Democrats for that…they didn’t lower taxes enough on the rich so jobs could trickle down to the poor. HUH?

But the right has proffered this canard for decades.

They’ve just got a better infrastructure, better game than the Democrats. The Democrats excoriate each other, the Republicans, although fewer in number, team up and fight against the Democrats, oftentimes with falsehoods, and what do the Democrats do? Cringe and cry!

Look at today’s NYT. With the definitive statement on pollution. Emissions went up everywhere, but in Los Angeles, they went down 2% per person since 1990. The vaunted Texas, the home of the so-called “miracle”? Dallas-Fort Worth went up 27% per person, San Antonio 39% and Houston 22%. But the bozo in chief says we can’t have strict emission standards in California, it’s illegal, we must relax our emission standards, what…SO THAT PEOPLE CAN DIE?

Yup, you can’t drink the water because of the politicians… Did it ever occur to you that you might pay the price of auto emissions and lead in water?

It’s like we need a secret Democratic committee to counteract the bias/b.s spewed by the Republicans. I know, because I hear it every damn day! The Republicans train their acolytes to bite back, to work the refs, the Democrats train their acolytes to be silent, to believe the system is fair and will work for them and we should all get along while we argue about trigger warnings in elite institutions…don’t want to offend little Oliver and Mackenzie.

Meanwhile, the government says we should stop subsidizing electric cars while we continue to subsidize gas and oil companies. Huh? Ever hear about looking towards the future? Fewer emissions, fewer health problems. As for the production of that electricity…yes, that might be polluting, but electric cars are so much more efficient. That’s science, I could explain it to you but you don’t want to believe it, you believe emotions trump facts, like that doofus in the White House who sacrificed the Kurds. Know-nothings yield bad results. Are their smart people who take advantage? OF COURSE! But does that mean we have to demonize the educated, that we should all drop out of high school to be on the same level? Education pays dividends. But Republicans say college can’t be free, because we’re gonna have to pay more taxes. SO WHAT? It’s for the good of the country, and those who take advantage and go to college. I’ve been paying for schools for decades and I’ve got no kids, but you don’t hear me saying I want my money back. I want a better society, I don’t want to build an electric fence around my house so those without won’t rob me.

But the Republicans have it all down. As in upside down. If this was a sporting contest, the Republicans would say despite being behind 3-2, they won, isn’t that what gerrymandering is about?

And the right knows people are too dumb to look ahead, so they start the Federalist Society and populate our courts with right-wingers.

It’s every person for themselves in the U.S., the self-professed “greatest country in the world.” I don’t hate America, I want it to be BETTER! Imagine if Steve Jobs couldn’t criticize his engineers, couldn’t inspire them to improve their products… Out goes the iPod, the iPhone… As for BlackBerry, the company was too dumb to realize that people would want to do more than send messages on their hand-held device, the company was superseded and is now on life support.

Make America Great Again, by going back to the past? The world goes forward, not backward. There are innovations, not holdbacks.

But no one will say all this. They’ll just ignore the taunting until it’s perceived to be true.

Hillary Clinton? A crook responsible for our soldiers getting killed! She’s a pariah I say, we need someone squeaky clean and upfront who will run our country in an open, honest way, like Trump. HUH?

As for the impeachment road…

The right has its talking point, that the left is sore about losing the election and has been trying to get rid of Trump since day one. Does the left fight back about this? OF COURSE NOT!

And then there’s the canard that the Democratic House is holding back legislation? Huh? That’s like saying a battered wife deserved it.

Everywhere you go, you’ve got righties with these talking points.

As for the left, the rank and file are oftentimes uneducated on the issues and can’t answer these obvious falsehoods.



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