Thursday, October 24, 2019

Artists Can Now Pay To Promote New Releases On Spotify Including To Paid Premium Users | hypebot

image from storage.googleapis.comSpotify announced today that artists and labels will be able to buy paid placements across both its paid Premium and free ad-supported tiers to promotes new releases. Dubbed "Brand New Music For You," this US only test marks the first time that Premium Spotify users can be targeted with paid marketing.

The announcement made just prior to Monday's earnings call means more revenue for Spotify and could satisfy its deep pockets major label partners who want to find more ways to have a leg up on the platform.

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In a blog post to consumers, Spotify wrote:

"With an upcoming test we’re running in the US, we’re giving artists and their teams the ability to directly tap into this process and connect with the fans that care most about their music.

In this test, we will let artist teams pay to sponsor these recommendations, giving them the power to tell their listeners on Spotify—across both our Free and Premium tiers—about their latest release. You’ll now hear from a wider range of artists, which means you’re less likely to miss out on new releases from your favorites.

Look out for this new feature the next time one of your favorite artists drops their next release."

There is no word yet on the cost of "Brand New Music For You" promotions or exactly when they will become widely available.

Premium users can turn off the paid notifications.

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