Monday, October 21, 2019

5 Reasons To Start A Band (Besides Fame And Fortune) | hypebot

2While many aspiring artists dream of performing in front of a crowd of thousands, the reality is that such an outcome is decidedly unlikely, and musicians should find other reasons to pursue music. Here we look at five such motivating factors.


In this piece, MusicThinkTank's latest contributor, Joe Hoten, shares five compelling reasons for starting a band, unrelated to chasing dreams of fame and fortune.

"Local music scenes always benefit from new bands cropping up, whether it’s the refreshing scent of new blood to flush out the stale clots of boredom, or a little friendly competition to prompt existing bands to up their game. And even if you’re in a small pond, once you make that initial splash, your waves will soon rock the boats of all the other big fish, and you’ll soon be welcomed into their school. There are few things in life that can rival the warm, fuzzy feeling of being accepted - plus, there’ll be plenty of useful tips and hilarious stories coming your way from the other local bands."

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