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What's The Best Music To Work Out To? | Music Think Tank

Whether you work out on your own every once and a while or go to the gym every day, you know that it can be difficult to exercise without listening to music. Some people prefer the quiet, but most enjoy using workout playlists to help them get through their exercise routine. 
That’s why there’s a ton of options out there for you to choose from when you decide what music to listen to while you complete your workout. The music industry has even adapted to include artists who focus on producing music specifically designed for people who exercise.
So out of all the songs and playlists you’ll find with a quick search before you tie your workout shoes, which are the right ones for you? Check out this list to find the best music to work out to, so you can power through your next routine and focus on your fitness goals.
1. Action Movie Music
The whole point of listening to music while you work out is to motivate yourself. It’s easy to sink into negative thoughts once your workout gets going, like focusing on how hard you’re breathing or how bored you are on the treadmill.
Instead, the right music will make you feel like you can conquer anything. That’s why many people choose to listen to action movie musical scores. They’re made to match fast-paced scenes and make the audience feel the thrill of what they’re watching. The same music will encourage you to keep going, so see if you can download the scores of your favorite action movies for your next trip to the gym.
2. Top Dance Hits

Another genre within the music industry is dance hits. Dancing is a quick, high-intensity workout on its own, which is why these songs may be what keep you going while you work out.
Check out a list of the top current dance hits and convert them into a playlist you’ll enjoy. You’ll want to move along with the beat while you listen, which makes working out that much easier. 
3. Popular Sports Anthems

Songs like Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” have become classic stadium favorites for sports fans. They feature strong, steady beats that are meant to uplift and energize huge crowds.
Listening to popular sports anthems like these will motivate you and everyone around you. These kinds of popular songs are especially great for group workouts, since most people will already know and love them. If you aren’t part of a group workout session, think about joining one. They’ll boost your motivation before anyone has a chance to hit play. 
4. Classic Rock Hits
When you picture someone listening to classic rock hits, you may imagine that person headbanging and dancing around while playing an air guitar. Rock hits always have the same strong beats as sports anthems, so if you enjoy more heavy metal and rock genre music, you can keep all your favorites together in an effective workout playlist. 
5. High-BPM Pop Songs

Pop can sometimes seem like it’s only meant as radio fluff or something to walk around to during a visit to your local shopping mall. The truth is that pop songs often have the right number of beats per minute to keep you moving through a workout, so try it out if you haven’t listened to pop exercise playlists before.
Songs like Kesha’s “Die Young” and “Scream & Shout” by are just a couple of the pop favorites that have just the right tempo to make any workout a breeze. With a quick search, you’ll find an energizing pop playlist with all your favorite current and past hits.
Find What Works (Out) for You

Before you go to your next workout, spend some time listening to these popular exercise music options. It’s best to find what music works for you before you’re at the gym, so you can put in your headphones and get moving as soon as you’re ready to go!
Scott Huntington is a writer from Vermont who covers music and more. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington. 




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