Thursday, September 12, 2019

Popeyes offers a playful solution to its chicken sandwich shortage | Advertising Age

Popeyes isn’t ready to sell more chicken sandwiches just yet, so it cooked up a way to promote the product despite a shortage.

BYOB, in this case, stands for "bring your own bun."

The campaign comes after the Popeyes chicken sandwich proved so successful after its national launch Aug. 12 that it sold out in two weeks. Popeyes says it is still working on getting the sandwich back into restaurants.

Rather than shy away from the shortage, Popeyes is embracing it. In the ultimate fried chicken sandwich DIY moment, a new video jokingly suggests diners buy three chicken tenders and put them on a bun from home.

“It’s just three tenders,” says one person in the video, which comes from GSD&M.

“But that’s already on the menu,” says another.

“And I have to bring my own bun,” adds a third. And so on. 

The BYOB campaign is a playful way for fans to ease their “sorrows and cravings,” Popeyes says. There’s still no official word on when the sandwich—which was met with rave reviews upon its nationwide debut and saw its popularity soar with the help of some clever Twitter posts—will return to the menu.

Of course, one could just eat the tenders and eliminate the additional carbs and calories of a bun. Or, perhaps, order them with a biscuit on the side and make more of a slider than a full-sized sandwich. In any case, the tenders are pieces of chicken, not a singular, larger piece like the one in the yet-to-return sandwich.

And let’s be clear: The idea of hacking items on the Popeyes menu is nothing new. When the chain first promoted the sandwich in August, an ad from Gut showed Popeyes introducing it at a restaurant that had taken Popeyes chicken into the kitchen to serve it in its own brunch special.


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