Thursday, August 29, 2019

'Success' In Music: What Does It Mean Right Now? | hypebot

4In any industry, success is a nebulous concept, and perhaps doubly so in the music business. For one artist it could mean the ability to pay all their bills through their music, for another it might require getting a number one hit. Regardless, the modern music climate isn't what it once was, and a redefining of what success means must take place.


In this latest post to MusicThinkTank, contributor Patrick McGuire outlines why the modern music economy requires us to redefine exactly what 'success' means in the current era.

"At risk of sounding overly self-helpy, current conditions leave musicians with no other choice than to have to define success on their own terms, and I think this is a good thing. All-or-nothing attitudes in music stifle creativity and have thwarted the careers of countless musicians, but the old ways of thinking about “making it” in music are less and less fitting in today’s music industry."

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