Monday, August 12, 2019

SoundExchange To Power Global Podcast Music Licensing | hypebot

Sound-exchange-logoSoundExchange and SourceAudio have partnered to license music for podcasts., a digital music marketplace for podcasters, will now have access to SoundExchange creators and offer licenses for label and publisher-owned music. 
The collaboration will enhance's current database of 700,000 production and music bed tracks by providing a global license for all rights needed to use feature music in a podcast, including master use, performance, synchronization, and mechanical rights.
"The podcast industry is rapidly growing, and this collaboration will provide SoundExchange's music creators - both labels and publishers - with an additional way to monetize their work by making their music available on if they choose," said Michael Huppe, President and CEO of SoundExchange. "Our collaboration with SourceAudio will make the process of licensing music simpler through a one-stop licensing marketplace."
"Currently there is no simple way for a podcaster to acquire rights for feature music in their podcasts. We are solving that by working with SoundExchange," said Geoffrey Grotz, CEO/Co-Founder of SourceAudio. "By connecting with SoundExchange's community of music creators including labels, artists, publishers and songwriters, and benefitting from their deep expertise, we will be able to deliver a high-quality repertoire of music for podcasters." 
The service will launch in 2020. Participation in this service by publishers, labels, and other rights owners is on a voluntary basis. Creators interested in making their recordings available for podcasts can visit for more info. 

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