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Sell More Tickets In A Single Month: Your Week 3 Plan | hypebot

3In this third of a four-part series on how to sell more tickets to your event, we focus on how you can free up your time to focus on things like your music by automating certain important marketing tasks while still maintaining an authentic presentation to fans.


Guest post by Sophia Vaccaro of Eventbrite

You don’t need to stare at a screen for hours a day to sell more tickets to your event. To help you reach your goals, we’ve put together a series of posts with the tips and tricks you need to upgrade your marketing in just 15 minutes a day. This is the third post of the series. Check out the first and second posts if you haven’t already!

This week is all about freeing up your time so that you can focus on the good stuff. Something that a lot of event planners don’t take advantage of is the ability to automate their marketing tasks. With a few clicks of a button, your tech can automatically send “Thank You For Your Purchase” emails, post tweets for you at specific times, and more! And don’t worry about your promos sounding robotic — all the solutions here offer easy customization, so your attendees will truly feel like you are engaging with them in real-time. 

Read on for your week 3 plan. 

Day 1: Automate your email marketing

With email platforms like Mailchimp and Emma, you can automatically send personalized emails when customers take specific actions like signing up for your list or buying a ticket. You can send emails personalized to the moment without any effortin the moment. This is key, because emails tailored to a target audience improve conversion by 355%

15-minute task: Investigate whether your email marketing platform connects to your event ticketing platform. (See the Eventbrite App Marketplace to connect with Mailchimp or Emma if you’re an Eventbrite customer.) Then set up automated campaigns for things like ticket purchase (“Thank you!” emails) and on-sale announcements (“We’re back!” emails).

5 5Day 2: Automate your organic social media marketing

Once you’ve zoomed in on the social platforms that will best serve you, the next step is to automate your daily organic posting. Instead of logging in and out of social networks multiple times a day, your team members can use their time to plan new strategies to engage attendees.

15-minute taskEnlist a trusted third-party tool like Hootsuite to schedule all of your social feeds at once, in advance.

Day 3: Automate your paid advertising

Social advertising should pay for itself. To make sure it does, automate its audience targeting capability with a tool like ToneDen, a self-serve platform that helps you target the right people on Facebook and Instagram.

15-minute taskRead The Anatomy of an Ideal Event Ad and start using ToneDen to place Facebook and Instagram ads.

Day 4: Automate your ticket distribution

The best event ticketing technology will offer the option to place native “buy” buttons on key discovery sites like Facebook and Instagram, so you can sell tickets directly to customers on those platforms. Customers get a streamlined buying experience and you’re more likely to sell tickets by eliminating extra steps in the checkout process.

15-minute task: If you’re an Eventbrite user, visit the Eventbrite Distribution site. Then connect your Eventbrite event listings to distribution on FacebookInstagram, and other platforms.

Day 5: Supercharge your SEO

With basic SEO keywords in place from week one, you’re set up to advance your SEO strategy with automation. Using an event ticketing platform with SEO capabilities will help you leverage its strengths automatically. 

For example, is among the top 100 most linked-to sites on the Internet, granting it one of the highest domain authority scores. That makes it easier for your event to rank in search results.

15-minute task: Make sure you’re aligned with a ticketing platform that has best-in-class SEO capabilities. Then, make sure your event descriptions contain clear and concise keywords, just like your website copy. (Skip back to week one for a reminder on that approach).

It’s the final stretch

You have one week left to go. Imagine how satisfying it’s going to be knowing that you have spent the whole month really investing in your marketing — and, by proxy, your event. Already ready for week 4? Check out the ebook.


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