Saturday, August 3, 2019

Lionizing Obama | Lefsetz Letter

Every day, a new left wing trope. No wonder Republicans are laughing.

To progressives, Obama was a disappointment. He was a centrist in an era of tribalism, one could even call it extremism. On his watch, Democrats lost tons of governorships and state legislatures. Sure, he’s a dignified man, sure, he’s an African-American, BUT THAT’S NOT ENOUGH!

Lionizing Obama is like saying the Backstreet Boys are inviolate, can’t be criticized, because the era they triumphed in was good financially. Hell, let’s add in ‘N Sync while we’re at it, didn’t they sell in excess of two million CDs in a week? That’s right, let’s go back to not only CDs, but Nickelodeon, Hummers, all the “great” stuff that existed at the turn of the century.

Meanwhile, cars don’t come with CD players and the younger generation streams, think they’ll get excited about their parents’ music? I DON’T THINK SO!

Nothing is off the table. Hell, look, at the Republicans, our tweeter-in-chief. He blasts everybody, and it’s working for him. Hell, it’s hilarious to watch the Democrats react to everything he says and make no progress. Better to attack Trump’s financials, demonstrate in front of his faux (as in name-licensed) buildings every day, or TAKE ACTION! That’s what California did, by passing a law that candidates in primaries must show their tax returns. The right is FREAKING OUT over this! You want your enemy freaking out, not chuckling.

Meanwhile, Trump reverses seemingly every Obama advancement. It’s like giving credit to a general who took territory and then his successors lost it, because they were not prepared well enough. And Obama was Jackie Robinson, someone who broke up the white hegemony, but Jackie had to be calm and collected, he couldn’t fit the stereotype of the angry black man, and neither could Barack. Meanwhile, the stars in Obama’s vaunted NBA are completely the opposite, they run the game, and they stand up to racist acts all the damn time…AND THE PUBLIC LOVES THEM FOR IT!

But in the Democratic party, you must be a mouse.

Look at debate #2. Remember anything from it? Any candidate impress you? Did you even watch till the end?

CNN takes the lead from sports, with an intro worthy of a football game (a paradigm invented by Fox, when it scored NFL broadcasts), and the talent…huh? You watched waiting for Biden to fail and Harris demonstrated that she was as portrayed…a prosecutor not in touch with today’s ethos, and Tulsi Gabbard was composed and beautiful, but it’s disheveled Bernie Sanders who triumphed. And all media agrees that the overall winner was Elizabeth Warren, but instead of portraying her positive qualities, they’re making fun of her, saying her policies are pipe dreams.

Watch Fox. Do they attack other Republicans? No, they realize the enemy is the Democrats! Meanwhile, the “New York Times,” trying to appear fair and balanced to the right, which will never believe it anyway, bends over backwards to attack their own and say their candidacies are fantasies.

Look at music… Every few years a new sound comes along to wipe out the old. Until the twenty first century, the internet era, where it’s all hip-hop all the time. The non-hip-hop lovers? They get no attention, no dollars, they’re seen as a backwater in an internet era where nothing is that big and the backwaters are important. We’re ripe for revolution in recordings, but nothing is happening, whereas there’s turmoil in politics, which makes it so fascinating.

Our entire nation, our entire WORLD, was revolutionized by technology. But somehow in politics we must run to the past. Then again, the same media saying Obama is God write stories about the perils of technology, too much screen time. Hell, if it weren’t for apps and free distribution of articles the “New York Times” would be completely irrelevant. This is like musicians bitching about streaming payments, for free, online, via social media, after making their music for almost nothing on their computers. Talk about cognitive dissonance…

The future is not only coming, IT’S HERE!

And digital disruption shows that old farts who refuse to innovate get left behind. Hell, Netflix put a dent in Disney, and Imagine, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s production company, has now pivoted from theatrical to TV.

But in politics?

Everything must be gradual. We must honor the past. We must follow the precepts of the past, uttered by old men who think it’s still the last century.



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