Thursday, August 29, 2019

Blogging and context collapse | Lucas Gonze's blog

Posts on Facebook go to everybody, regardless of their relationships. Church friends get dirty jokes intended for drinking buddies, drinking buddies get pieties intended for church friends.

Blogs don’t solve this. Blogs *invented* this problem, and Facebook inherited it.

The expected readership for my little blog here is myself, a few friends who use RSS, and search engines. Those are incredibly dissimilar. Search engines will be used by work connections, and I need to use the same formalities as in a meeting. Friends who use RSS will be interested in technology. Between me and myself I am interested in my internal monologue.

Yet on a day to day basis nobody reads this but me, so my internal monologue is all that matters.

I do have a private journal, but I don’t use it much. For whatever reason the possibility of connecting to other humans makes this a more compelling platform.


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